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  1. Supply and Demand being a new ship. Once they reach a certain capacity for more 3-5 people cabins than two people cabins, then they sale at "capacity" but with rooms still available. They set their profit for each sailing, and then adjust prices and offer sales and rate increases along the way to make sure than number is reached...
  2. Yeah, it is possible. But if the ship or debarkation is delayed, then I hope you have a plan B.
  3. We booked a casino offer for May of next year, and have a little price drop. Does anyone know if I can request the change online, or do I have to call? If I can do it online, where?
  4. I hope not. I like the Fantasy class ships way better than the new and improved ships.
  5. So members still get discounted cards? If so, I am signing my dad up.
  6. Lol. She was the star of the ship the rest of the cruise. She enjoyed herself for sure. But the crowd surely wasn't expecting the show!
  7. On the same Freedom trip mentioned above, someone was on the long deck outside of guest services leaning all over the railing taking pictures of the ships spray coming up. The wooden rail came loose and the person was almost a goner. I don't know how he caught himself, but he did. He ran and told guest services that he almost fell over. They went running and roped the area off for the cruise.
  8. Talk about timing of it ending yesterday. I would have stayed up last night taking quizzes! haha
  9. I agree! They are defiantly missed over the house bands they have today. We sailed three different times when Music Degree happened to be on board. Those guys jammed out to anything and everything every night!
  10. We haven't cruised in almost two years so haven't worried about discount gift cards. I don't see how to take the quizzes to get them through AARP anymore. Is this still possible? My dad is of the AARP age. Does he need to sign up to buy them discounted? Any other way to get them discounted? Thanks!
  11. We were on the Freedom out of Fort Lauderdale about 5 years ago. Big grandmaw, just a "little" over weight (I have no room to talk, not making fun) riding her little scooter around the ship. One night by the casino bar when the band was playing, she decided to reminisce back to her first career. She pole danced with the BIG pole in the middle the area. Her jewlery and clothes were starting to fly different directions. Luckily, the song changed, she gathered her attire, got back on her scooter and off she went.
  12. I gladly paid the $49, but I haven't got it since the initial increase.
  13. I agree. These guys could rock out on a guitar like that was no tomorrow the guitar's! They could sing and cover anything and sound just like them! Some of the recent bands that I have saw have been horrible, and haven't been able to compare at all.
  14. Anyone else miss the phillipine cover bands that Carnival use to have? My second cruise, Music Degree was the band on the ship. Those guys could cover and replicate ANYTHING requested. These guys seem to be a thing of the past now, unless I just got lucky the first few cruises that they happened to be on.
  15. I don't think I will purchase it anymore due to the price increases. We did purchase when cruising out of Miami four years ago. We had it, our friends did not. We arrived about 11 and boarding yet, and was delayed about an hour due to crew safety training we were told. Once boarding started, we were on board within 5 minutes, while our friends were still outside waiting. They joined about 1.5 hours later, after we already had a nice buzz from the DOD! our cabin was not ready like you mentioned, but he told us to come back in 30 minutes and it would be ready. It was nice having a dedicated guest service line. We did self debarkation, along with our friends. We went to the FTTF section, and were off the boat within 5 minutes of when they started allowing people off. Once again, it was over an hour later before our friends got on the road. I certainly will not purchase it for the Fantasy class ships, because boarding on those have always been quick and a breeze with less people on board.
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