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  1. Had a great day in port, headed for Herculaneum and then went on to Sorrento, came back to Napoli by ferry. Don't know if that's possible on your timescale though?
  2. The port shuttle buses will take you to the TI where you get an other shuttle to the train station 2E as others have said and very easy, it will be busy but it moves quickly. A word of caution though on our May trip we did this from NCL Epic, our train was stopped about 20km out of Civitavecchia at San Severano as some poor person had thrown themselves in front of the train in front of ours. The whole line was shut down for the rest of the day, local buses were completely swamped and as it was a country station there were very few taxis, after a 2&1/2 hour wait we got a taxi back to Civitavecchia via a helpful Carabinieri at a cost of 80E. I don't know how experienced people are but make sure you have plenty cash for such scenarios. I always carry 200E just in case these things happen, good advice from folks on here and hopefully anyone else reading this post will be better prepared for the unthinkable. We got back in loads of time but lost our day to Rome, some other poor soul lost their life.
  3. Always makes me laugh reading these threads, because we know there is no street crime in North America at all...LOL! Try walking through Brooklyn or Times Square and you'll be at the same risk.
  4. We did this itinerary from Barcelona (same cruise) in May. I would try either Capri which is my favourite, or as we did this trip, Herculaneum which is better preserved than Pompeii and more than you can see in 2-3 hours. Take the Circumvesuviana train about 15-20 mins from Naples to Ercolano Scavi station and it's an easy walk downhill to Herculaneum, we went on to Sorrento from there via the Circumvesuviana train again and took the boat back to Naples. But if I were doing it again I would go back to Naples City from Herculaneum and sample some of the many museums there. So many options in Naples... what ever you do enjoy the day and, as someone else said it is important to "stop and smell the Roses!" Naples DIY is very easy, no need for expensive tours really.
  5. I enjoyed my recent cruise on Epic but there are some issues, a Casino with smoking (which stinks if you don't smoke) directly above and open to the main dining room below is not good planning, no central elevator means if you are aft you will need to walk the length of the ship very often...so pick your cabin carefully, the shows are pretty much booked out before you get on board...however if you just turn up at the theatre you will get in as those who book seldom turn up. Tendering was poorly organised as well. It was our 1st NCL cruise having been Celebrity before, it was quite different to what we are used to which I was ok with but my wife won't do NCL again.
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