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  1. Very excited as this is my first MWS cruise. I've got my Day One shirt and getting into Montreal 7/6 in the morning. My sister is going with me. She went to the Nashville event, so she gets a special jacket and Meet and Greet with MWS, but I'll have to wait until next time :( Oh well. I'm sure I'll have a great time anyways. Do you have any excursions planned? We are debating Charlottetown and Sydney excursions and plan to walk Halifax and Quebec City. Have Oli's Trolley booked for Bar Harbor already.
  2. First time HAL sailing next week. Looked at Thermal Suite. Can anyone comment on it? Are there any special first day packages we can buy? (Was on NCL last year and got a cruise package, enjoyed it much).:D
  3. How can I find more info about the Jazz Festival? I'd be interested in it if there are activities while we are in town. Do I need to buy tickets in advance?
  4. I was reviewing some older comments about hotels in Old Montreal. I booked L Montreal which had good reviews on TripAdvisor (ranked #5). This is supposedly close to the port (this is our pre-cruise hotel). We booked a room with breakfast. We are getting into town early and they seemed to be willing to accommodate an early check-in if our room was ready. Any comments about this hotel?
  5. Thanks for the input. WE might just walk around and explore Halifax.
  6. Anyone know about Ambassatours? Found out about them from the book I was reading. They have a Peggy's Cove tour, 3 hours long, for $45.50 for adults (senior discount and child discount too it looks like).
  7. How much would you recommend a trip to Peggy's Cove or Lunenberg? I checked out several books from the library and there seems to be a day's worth of touring just in Halifax itself. I don't like to spend too much on excursions and if the town is worth exploring on it's own, I might come back on another cruise and take the excursions next time. If Peggy's Cove or Lunenberg are worth the excursion, should I book ahead? Thanks.
  8. Repeater, it's been years since I've been to Boston, but from what I've read, it's better to use the "T", their public transportation vs. renting a car. As I recall, driving around Boston was a nightmare. Last time I was there, I paid to park by car at the hotel and took the T everywhere. Parking costs are astronomical (I think it was something like $20/hour in downtown for a parking garage). You can get a one day pass for the "T" for $9 and get pretty much to all the tourist sites (I checked their site recently, and it is still posted as $9 for an all day pass). I'm sure 138east will have some more info if they are watching this post. I think they stated that renting a car is a "must not" for Boston.
  9. Wow! Lots of great tips. I will be doing the Canada/New England cruise. I will be sure to check out wi-fi at the terminals. I still think I'll get a small onboard internet package though. Sail 7 Seas, thanks for the info on the internet packages. I will probably get the 100 minute package. I think last time we got 100 minutes and ended up using only about 50-60 miunutes even with my hubby checking work e-mails several times a day. I might consider laundry once or twice during the cruise, probably not everyday though. I'll have to figure out what I'm going to bring. Thanks for the tip about the coffee in the library at Copley Square, Math Guy. I love coffee and don't care much for "cruise ship" coffee (usually bring my own Starbucks Via and flavored creamer actually).
  10. Ended up booking the Westin Copley Place. If you've stayed there, could you let me know what your experience was? I tried Mariott Custom House too, but they're booked for that weekend. Maybe I'll look at Mariott Long Wharf too.
  11. Thanks for all the tips. Unfortunately, yes, internet service has been slow on all cruises where we have purchased internet packages. Need it to check e-mails, check weather, etc. My sister is on the cruise too, so we'll just share a package. I've heard on our cruise many of the port stops have free wi-fi, so I might take advantage of that too. Planning to do some laundry. Should I bring a roll of quarters? Great to know we can have lunch in Lido, since we plan to board early. I usually bring my own power strip too, but I haven't used the past few cruises, so maybe we won't use it. If they tell me I need to use theirs, I change it then. Mine has a power surge protection and I bet theirs' don"t!
  12. A couple of specific questions for the Maasdam: 1. internet packages? Should I buy as soon as I get onboard 2. Can I get lunch on board if I board early. 3. do I need to bring adapters for the plugs (plan to bring cellphone, curling iron and want to be sure I can use them). Thanks.
  13. Biker@sea, is there much to do on the Waterfront? I'm guessing being in Copley Square, I would be closer to the T and have more options, especially at night. Cheryl H. have you checked in Bed and Breakfasts for the Boston area? Some of them are more like "best kept secrets" in the area and might not hike their prices up as high for the weekend where you are staying. I just Google Bed and Breakfasts Boston, and from there, look at their locations. Some are in Brookline, which is farther from the action, but might be worth it if they are close to the T. You can always e-mail the host to see what they say. The reason why I didn't reserve a B & B, is because most require a 2 night stay, and I'm only staying one night. Check out VRBO.com too, there are several condos in the Beacon Hill and Back Bay areas on there (2-3 night minimums for most too). They might be good alternatives since everyone is probably booking hotels, not alternatives. Good luck.
  14. Anyone have newer recommendations that the ones from last summer? Going July 7-14 on Canada/New England cruise. Looking for recommendations for tours in Halifax. Or is it a place where we can get a lot in with walking? Peggy Cove sounds interesting. Is there a way to book excursion to Peggy Cove without booking through the cruise ship? Thanks.
  15. Sail7seas thanks for the input. I did some research and TripAdvisor had a few reviewers commenting about the thin walls and I also noticed that on Fodor's recommnedations for Boston Hotels, they like the Ames, but mentioned about the noise. I also decided to book the Westin Copley Square. My intuition is that it is the hotel I would prefer (my preferences mostly) from the research I've done on hotels and areas.
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