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  1. We received word that our June 17 cruise on Adventure will now be on the Jewel with a “similar” itinerary. I guess we will have to wait and see. They did offer $100 OBC. I actually prefer the Jewel so it’s fine, unless the itinerary omits some of the important ports. However, they only give us until 8/28 to request a refund and I doubt that we will see the itinerary before then. At least we’re on a ship! Kate
  2. Azamara has a perfect cruise in 2022 that overnights in Istanbul and also goes to Egypt and Israel. I’m just not certain we want to pay over $10,000 for an OV. 🥺 Kate
  3. I think most of these have been mentioned, but here goes: 1. Alaska out of San Francisco (we’re in California) 2. Hawaii RT out of Los Angeles or San Diego. Celebrity used to offer this. 3. An Eastern Med cruise that includes Istanbul, preferably over night. One with Israel and/or Egypt would be better. We too took a cruise on the Legend in 2008 that went to Egypt, Mykonos, Cyprus, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Naples and back to Rome. We met so many people on that cruise that we still keep in touch with. 4. The Northern route out of Harwich. We went on a couple of those and l
  4. For us it depends on the length of the trip and how difficult it is. If they take us through security and help with the bags, we usually give $20. From the plane, usually $10 - $15 unless they take us through customs. We have paid as much as $30 if it's complex and involves a terminal change such as the time we went through JFK with a long wait for customs (they took us to the front of the line) then on to the domestic Delta terminal. It was certainly worth it for us. Kate
  5. We stayed at the Frontenac too and highly recommend it. It's a landmark hotel and accessible. The streets do have cobblestones but I don't recall that my husband's scooter had any issues. We did take taxis when we went down to the bottom of the hill, though I'm not sure it was necessary. Kate
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