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  1. Our chartered company says Carnivals charter office is closed so we have no info. Sucks. Would like my money back
  2. I'm on a charter cruise. We can't.
  3. Nope. I've had Cheers on several cruises and have not had to buy bubbles for my kids. My daughter doesn't drink soda so it would be a complete waste
  4. Has it expanded to all ports now? I do find it faster
  5. Based on the latest uodate, sounds like there will be a second ship in quarantine
  6. That's great news about the ballroom. Better then nothing.
  7. Thank you for the updates. I hope all aboard are safe and get answers soon. I don't think taking temps prior to boarding will help. the virus can lie dormant for so long people can board without a symptom, spread it and then get sick the next day. I don't know what the answer is.
  8. Thank you for the review, nice job. Sorry about the neighbors. Hope you book another cruise soon.
  9. Happened to us once. I can't remember which hotel, but we came in at 11 and apparently the shuttle stopped at ten. They offered to send a cab but there were right of us plus eight suitcases. Two in our group took a cab back to grab the cars. They ended up getting stuck in the traffic trying to park for the next cruise, and we were stuck waiting for about two hours. next time we will just park at the port.
  10. First ship we doing need to bring a power strip. Had plenty of plugs.
  11. We did a tour with the same company and had a very different experience. We went to a beach club to snorkle, then a tequila factory. Then our driver took us to 3 bars on the east side ( none of th e ones you stopped at) and then a fourth one for lunch. Ours included a shot at each bar and the beer and water in the jeep. They stopped at a market on the way back my DH could check out cigars. It was the best excursion ever.
  12. Thanks for another great review Greg. It was fun this week following you and Sid as well I'd love you two to cruise together. That would be a hoot.
  13. I've never cruised NCL (I'm just here for Sid's review). I cannot believe that people sleep in a public lounge. You have the one woman with the pillow under her ass and then other people putting their face on the pillows. Blegh!!! And the two sleeping together? What in the world. Get a room! Great review as always Sid. I'm having fun following you and St Greg's live review.
  14. So did everyone get on? It was more stressful for us this year. We wanted two double rooms but ended up with an inside quad. At least we're on the sixth floor.
  15. That's what Im hoping too You need official NKTOBCIA cruise gear
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