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  1. familyfuncruise

    Military rate? Refund?

    We booked military rate and know there is a chance my son will not be able to go. Will we get a refund for him? Has anyone ever booked using military rate and if so what was your experience? We do have carnival's insurance. I hope everything works out for him but wanted to check into it just in case. Thanks in advance for the help. Proud Air Force mom
  2. familyfuncruise


    How much does one need to spend to get free drinks?
  3. familyfuncruise

    Lowest price guarantee..

    So I submitted my form because I noticed a 10% drop in the price I paid, except that was a week ago. I thought I would hear something within two days. Should I call? Has anyone else had this problem? :confused: Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. familyfuncruise

    Hotels in New Orleans

    :confused:What hotel do you recommend? We will be cruising out of New Orleans on the Carnival Sunshine and would like to fly in a few days early. This will be our first time there and not sure where to stay. Thanks for any help!
  5. familyfuncruise

    VIFP card color

    I am currently a red VIFP card member. I need 3 more days of cruising before I become gold. Does anyone know if I will be "gold" if I book a 7 night cruise? Sorry if this sounds confusing!
  6. familyfuncruise


    Do they offer it on Carnival Sunshine?:cool:
  7. familyfuncruise


    How much is it to have your laundry cleaned on the ship.:confused: Thanks for any help!
  8. familyfuncruise

    Camp Carnival ??

    We really don't want to miss the sail away party, so can we check our son in camp carnival the next day? He is pre-regstered on line and I printed off the paperwork. The last two cruises, we missed the sailaway. Hopefully all will work out.:confused:
  9. familyfuncruise


    Has anyone had a massage on the Liberty? I'm thinking about having a couples massage but unsure if we should pay to have it.:confused:
  10. familyfuncruise

    Snorkel Gear

    Can you bring your own snorkeling equipment from home? or do they offer it for purchase on carnival? (if so how much is it?) My son likes to snorkel and one of our stops will be at half moon cay and grand turk. Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. familyfuncruise


    Does anyone know how long they keep the decorations up? We sail in January in hopes the Liberty is still decorated for the holidays. :rolleyes:
  12. familyfuncruise


    We prepaid ours already but....... My question is will my sail/sign card show a credit? My receipt from my TA shows pd but I wasn't sure how it will show up once on board. My past cruises were not prepaid... This is our first. Thanks in advance for any information. ;)
  13. familyfuncruise

    Munster Drill ??

    Do we have to go to our room and grab our life jacket or can we just go to our munster station without it when asked? Our last cruise we noticed many without them on. After the drill they proceeded to the deck party while we had to walk back to our room to return the life jackets. Just curious! Thanks for any info.:)
  14. Who is joing us on the new 2.0 Liberty 1/19/13???