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  1. any one ever buy cruise and more or Royal Caribbean travel insurance
  2. Thank you for asking about wifi very sad but you never know maybe with the weather he'll feel bad for us and change his mind. Thanks for all the great info you were fantastic have a safe trip home ps we'll post if we get free wifi I am sure maybe 1/2 price. Thank you again
  3. We're getting on when you leave have you heard any thing about free wifi for us keep saying my prayers we also get it . Love all your reports thank you so much it's great to see every thing.
  4. Thank you great to hear about every thing thank you again
  5. Thank you we are looking forward to your post
  6. How do I find him on face book what name
  7. How do I subscribe to radio,s thread
  8. mb466

    Two yr. old

    Has any one taken a two year old on a cruise this is our first time with a little one not sure how it will go . Going on carnival thought that would be good any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. Have been on a lot of ships but never with a two year old .going on Carnival ship any suggestions any one ?
  10. We have been on rccl out of NJ they let you depart first if you carry your luggage off at end of cruise . Does any one know if Carnival and norwegian do the same out of NY? thanks:)
  11. it was a gaurentee and its the2nd to the last room on the starbard side last room is a ocean view this one is a balcony great price just a little concerned about location
  12. mb466

    wifi fees

    does explorer of the seas have wifi in the rooms and does sny one know the fees
  13. i read some one has to pick up there skating show tickets on the second day of our cruise how did they reserve that sll ready ? all i see is sore excursions to resbefor you go on the ship not shows or ice times were leaving on feb 9th any know about this