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  1. They are sometimes bulk fares. Sometimes get FF miles credited, sometimes not, depending on airline and fare code. But savings have been substantial and flexible.
  2. In cruise speak "out of an abundance of caution."
  3. Interesting that Los Angeles County just sent out last night an electronic app with our vaccinations recorded. The electronic app (Healthvana) is probably available in other areas, I imagine. Certainly a step up from the handwritten cardboard card, which I have also stored on my phone.
  4. Ioana - headwaiter from Romania. Best of the best!
  5. A card you could run off on a home printer? Likely not. Airlines are looking at electronic records. More likely.
  6. Seems unusual that they would deadhead the whole way from Europe to Los Angeles, but anything is possible in these unusual times. Maybe faster/cheaper with only refueling stops.
  7. Update: Princess refund (13k+) was posted to account on June 4. It showed on app on June 9 and I called Citi and requested full credit to my bank. Called today for progress report. Was approved yesterday. "Watch for it soon" HOWEVER, they deducted my balance due (2K) from the the credit due as my due date was yesterday, which is what I asked them not to do so my paper trail for accounting was clear. (I pay off my card monthly). Had nice lady trying to resolve, but was disconnected at the 16:30 minute as she talked to people. Call back got me a guy who could do not
  8. Hmm. Seems like it should be easier as they are refunding $$ that have been refunded to them. But, I suppose such transactions are open to fraud. OTOH, Citi was very quick in taking care of hundreds in fraudulent charges (Time-Warner cable fees, Netflix, some credit monitoring charges) that appeared on my account over a week. New card overnight, too.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up. Find it odd, but waited this long, anyway. They may want to reverse the reward that was originally credited last year? Wonder if the lag-time on the refund date and posting was on Princess or Citi? Usually "pending" amounts are shown quickly.
  10. Received credit today (June 9) for April 11 (28 day LA-Hawaii-Tahiti RT) cruise. Credit dated June 4. Cruise cancelled by Princess in first round. NO CALLS to Princess or agency made, NO CC dispute made. I just let the process work and saved the angst. Requested most efficient credit back to my bank from Citi. They advised they will make direct deposit back to my bank in 3-5 days as refund must be reviewed because it is a large amount. Alternatively, I could have left as a credit balance. (Presumably no review was necessary for that 😉) FCC of 25% was also received some week
  11. Re: furloughs-"why would they do that?" You misunderunderstand who was furloughed or let go. Entertainment travel coordinators, ship supply logistics, etc are obviously (and sadly)not needed currently. More staff has been assigned to speed up refund processing which more people are reporting.
  12. When you rebook, you will have the opportunity to find an agency offering the OBC or perks you will not be using on the cancelled cruise. And likely some Princess FCC as well.
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