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  1. And for me it's Friday so I can say 'next week" lol 🤭😎🛳. Seaside here we come!
  2. Nice, well according to your comparison, crepes should be included as well, since we booked in July of 2018 and are in the YC. Sweet. And thanks for posting by the way! 👍
  3. Would hardly call that "punishment"...so RCI's towels got wet, they can simply stroll over to the towel attendants and get some new ones. Big deal. I mean that's what I'll be doing in 2 weeks if the towels I've left on our chairs during a quick breakfast happen to get wet. :D:')
  4. ...yeah, and no St Thomas either, which I assume most would *not* quite so thrilled about. This is a 100 percent re-do of the original itinerary, which is the typical Oasis-class Eastern route. The key to remember here is that it's not so much a weather issue that will cause a crappy beach day in Nassau, but its that with any moderate wind/surf docking an Oasis-class ship in Nassau goes from relatively challenging (on a good day) to extremely challenging/possibly dangerous. I was on Allure a few years ago, supposed to dock in Nassau, and due to heavy wind/surf, we were told ours was the first ever time Allure was unable to make port in Nassau. It is by far the trickiest port that the Oasis class ships have to dock in anywhere on their normal itineraries. As a side note, I will have to say it is pretty sh*tty that RCI is only refunding to onboard credit, not to (for example) the CC that one used to purchase the excursion if that is how they did it (as in, in advance from home). Hell of a way for the company to make sure they still keep your money, smh. Question is, will RCI be refunding any unused onboard credit $$ as a result of this?
  5. We'll be on Harmony in March, but one deck above your location in 12629. But there's one thing about this location that is improved/different than what is described above: it has no utility room next door ;). Instead, in Royal's efforts to squeeze more cabins in, they put an inside windowless cabin next door, but our room still has the benefit of the double balcony. As for the pool deck noise, we don't care about that because odds are we'll be out on the pool decks when that noise is the most bothersome anyway, only in our room in early AM, late afternoon when getting ready for dinner, and then after dinner to go to bed, so no issues there.
  6. I'm thinking you will switch ports that week, seeing as how RCL Freedom will be in port in CM with Getaway on the same day. Seems to only be happening on days where Getaway is not the only ship in town. http://ports.cruisett.com/schedule/Mexico/153-Costa_Maya/July_2016/
  7. Dug into this a little further, I think the only CM/Coz port swaps are happening on days that there are more then one ship in port in CM. Thankfully we (the Getaway) are the only show in town next week, so we should be good (I think). Sorry to hijack the thread :D, now back to the dailies & menues! :cool:
  8. Yeah I'm curious about this too, I'm on the same sailing as you (this weekend), and we have a beach day booked at Maya Chan in Costa Maya. The only thing I can think of is that maybe we won't have this issue on our sailing seeing as how the port schedules for CM & Coz are different this week compared to next (in terms of how many ships are in port). But I haven't gone so far as to research the port changes over the past month or so on Getaway that I've come across to see if there are any correlations or patterns with ships in port. EDIT: just came across another thread where someone on the 6/26 sailing (which the OP is on) was notified back on 6/17 of the port change, whereas another person who sailed back in May was notified on embarkation day. So I guess there's no telling when you'd find out. Here's the thread: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2369003&highlight=getaway
  9. I'm sailing in an H9 the same week as you, guess we'll be neighbors! :D
  10. Thanks for posting these! We'll be boarding Getaway on the day you leave, so the dailies don't get more current than these for us! Thanks!:)
  11. Too funny, I just came on here to check on this very excursion. We board Getaway on 7/3, so we don't have a ton of time to make a decision, but still leaning towards it. :cool:
  12. Guess it's not really the Rising Tide Bar anymore, ...now just a... Rising Bar? :rolleyes:
  13. You should play our Ken Rush drinking game -- take a drink every time he says "everybody" :D:D:D Try it!
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