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  1. I booked my 2 weeks on the Sky as 1 booking and they still are only offering 1 week passes to purchase on line. I guess it doesn't make a difference how you booked your cruise. I'm hoping once on board I'll be able to purchase a 2 week pass and get a little discount. I was just going to purchase the couples 1 week pass and play dumb and tell them I thought since it's only me I could do that lol!
  2. Yes they've done it to me a couple of times. I've booked interior but automatically got an upgrade to balcony. Since I booked at the interior price I only received the OBC for an interior. The great thing is though I also got my casino discount and the 3 for free so an additional 100 per person OBC and free grats plus the shareholder OBC and military OBC. I can't complain.
  3. Wow that's really bad. The prices are probably going to drop real low. That's what happened when the Regal did her inaugural out of Fort Lauderdale. I booked that one about a month ahead of time for like 298 for 2 people in a minisuite. I'm already booked for the 14 day sailing on the 21st or I would be booking the inaugural. I originally had tried to book the one that kept saying sold out.
  4. There are also cabins on the Sun and Sky decks.
  5. Electric tea lights? That's a new one. It all depends on what type of cabin and how many are going to be using it. When I sail solo I don't have to worry about space any cabin has lots of space. If there are multiple people in the same cabin I'd recommend an over the door shoe organizer for toiletries and etc.
  6. Yes the paper straws are garbage. Two sips and it's falling apart. Since my next cruise is 14 days long I've picked up a bag of 100 plastic flexible straws that will be used for my frozen beverages. They are actually already in my suitcase. I also pre- ordered 3 cases of bottled water so that better show up to my cabin also.
  7. That's good you have them working on it. I've been able to access all my Sky sailings for about a month now. I'm on the 12/21 & 12/28 sailings.
  8. It didn't work that way for me. When I walked up to the displays I had to scan my medallion and to get any personal information like my cabin, account or whereabouts of my grand daughters I had to enter my pin I choose when I setup my ocean apps.
  9. They can't go directly to your cabin. They would have to walk the length of every corridor hoping to get lucky to find the door that opens. You can do the same with a cruise card. Sliding it in every lock. Or in the "old" days look at the name on the card and walk from door to door looking at the name plates. Same difference new technology.
  10. Really at this point in the game do you think Princess gives two cents what any of us think? They have already implemented the Medallion system on ships. They have millions invested in this there's no going back to just a "plain " cruise card. We've sailed on both Medallion and non- medallion class ships. I could care less one or the other. You can use the new technology as much or as little as you want. People saying that they opted out and got a cruise card. Think again those cards still have the RFID chip and they can still track your every movement. If I were you I'd be more worried about all the cameras EVERYWHERE. We were in security once and saw them all. I honestly don't understand why people are so resistant to it in my opinion it's just a fancy cruise card. But I can do a few new things with it.
  11. They don't have those cabins on the Regal or Royal. The Sky has the deluxe OV and the Enchanted also will have a few.
  12. Well we won't miss it at all. We went to one of them years ago and it was total chaos and mass confusion. The people act like they are dropping free cruise and OBC credit certificates. If anything we'll watch the pandemonium from afar seeing other people get drinks spilled on them and feet stepped on. Actually saw people get in a shoving match over an empty balloon.
  13. I always bring my grand daughter with me but she's in my cabin. She enjoys the munchies and snacks also the fact that it's quiet and no bratty kids (as she calls most kids). She's 12 going on 30. She also has to order a no-jito lol.
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