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  1. Yes the shows are done at 630 and 830. Must be in the theater a minimum of 30 minutes early to get a seat. Five Skies I'd recommend about 45 minutes early and stay in the center of the theater. The comedians and magicians were all good on our holiday cruises also.
  2. Wow Alfredo's is looking disgusting! Hopefully it greatly improves over the next couple of weeks. I was raving to my daughter how wonderful Alfredo's is and how I can't wait for embarkation lunch on the 21st. She wanted to do the dining room and I talked her out of it. She's never done a Royal class ship let alone one that is so new.
  3. Absolutely loved following along on your cruise! We'll be boarding on the 21st for 2 weeks and can't wait to spend the holidays on her.
  4. Loved the pictures especially from Cadiz, my brother and his family live there.
  5. Lol!! or a couple of solo one nighters in a suite. Getting 3 credits a pop add up quick!
  6. But those balcony doors are very heavy and don't slide easily. My DD just in the last couple of cruises is finally able to open them by herself. She usually had to get help to open the balcony.
  7. As others have stated as much water and soda that you want to carry. But honestly it is so much easier to just order the water to be in my cabin. The only beverages we carry on are the 2 bottles of wine.
  8. I had to call to use my giftcard to buy OBC. But do it during the week during normal business hours. The people that work the weekends just don't have a clue about anything.
  9. Maybe hoping the families with kids will go to earlier showings and adults later?
  10. Unfortunately this was discontinued a few years ago. I liked being able to get an occasional gelato or crepe with my coffee card.
  11. No $199 was the price up til about 3 or 4 months ago. They did a price increase. Thankfully I purchased my package back about 6 months for $199 for my upcoming Sky cruise in Dec.
  12. All-Inclusive Photo Package Take home all the prints and digital files of your cruise starting from $249 USD. Purchase pre-cruise and save $50 USD* compared to the onboard price. Watch the All-Inclusive Photo Package video. Item #5421/#5422/#5425 - $299 Onboard for cruises 7 to 24 days ($249 Pre-Cruise) Item #5423/#5426 - $399 for cruises 25 to 39 days ($299 Pre-Cruise) Item #5424 - $549 for cruises 40 days and longer ($399 Pre-Cruise) *Pre-cruise promotional offer available for a limited time only. Package is not currently offered on voyages departing from and returning to Austr
  13. It says in the terms and conditions that you also receive one hard copy of each print. all-inclusive-photo-pkg-terms.pdf
  14. Congrats! I'd of taken it too. We are booked on the Sky 12/21 for 2 weeks in a CC Mini and I'm hoping on a move over offer.
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