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  1. Yeah!!! Today I received my first daily email from Cruise Critic!! Thank you everyone for all of your help!! So glad it's working again! Perfect timing! We leave for Rome tomorrow and catch the NCL Star on November 5 from Rome sailing to Miami! Best wishes to all of Cruise Critic contributors!!
  2. yes, exactly, but since I'm leaving for my cruise in a few days, I just thought it would be great to receive posts from that group. Yes, I know I can sign on myself - that works without any problems, but it's crazy when a system seems to be working well and they go and change it. I'm sure, in time, everything will work out!
  3. Exactly!! We have the exact same problem and I also answered the email sent by the help desk saying that my computer is configured correctly!! Now what?? Still no daily posts coming from our cruise posts!!!
  4. Unfortunately, they are email replies, not posts.... Still not receiving any posts. Thanks.
  5. I've tried that too - changing from one email per thread per day to receiving posts each time they show up in your email - I've clicked and unclicked so many times already and nothing is working!! Yes, there's definitely a bug in the system. So, how can it be fixed?? Still not receiving any posts whatsoever - only replies from my "complaints" from the CC community.
  6. I know!! A month ago I was receiving everything that was posted on cruise critic and just like that it stopped!!!! It's crazy. I'm with you!! So frustrating!! I've checked all of the criteria and everything is supposed to be working. Why isn't it? I really think that we need to unsubscribe and then subscribe again. Sounds crazy, but it might work!! Best regards, Elaine, momusa27
  7. Hi Jenn, Thanks for your information, but I am still totally confused and the program is still not working - I know what you're talking about because I've checked and unchecked every conceivable possibility under the "notification list", but it's still not sending me anything from my cruise critic forums!!!! This is totally ridiculous! What did Cruise Critic do to change the system so that their members no longer receive information? I don't understand!! Do I need to "unsubscribe" and sign in again to start receiving emails again? Would that help????
  8. I stopped receiving all of the notifications from Cruise Critic on October 9 - it's SO frustrating!! What was wrong with the old system? In order for me to read the forums I'm on, I need to log in - I no longer receive emails indicating that someone has added a new thread!!! So frustrating - how can this be fixed? I have become an expert on my settings in Cruise Critic and have tried turning them on and off - nothing is working!! Help!!!
  9. Hi - Is ANYONE having trouble receiving cruise critic forums?? I haven't received ANY since October 9!! Please help. All of my settings working just fine. Thanks, momusa27
  10. Hi, I've been a Cruise Critic member for about 8 years and never had a problem with any of the forums I've signed up for cruises I'm sailing on! Since October 3, 2018, I have NOT received any new forums for the three cruises that I will be sailing on. What happened?? I've gone into my notification settings and everything seems to be working perfectly. Why aren't I receiving notifications anymore? Thanks, momusa27 - eswasserman@gmail.com
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