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  1. Other cruise lines are mandating their employees are vaccinated. I would expect a Cruise Line which I consider a top of the line cruise line to go a step above like some of the other ones to make sure ALL their people are vaccinated. They mandate the guests to be vaccinated.(I have been on 16 Princess Cruises) and I am very disappointed in their stand on his
  2. Does anyone realize that ALL the crew on the Princess ships are not vaccinated? I just cancelled my February 2022 trip on the Sky Princess. Can't believe that with the fear of this virus that we have to be vaccinated but not all the crew? Come on......
  3. Thank you so much for the info. Another cruisers was Sunday and Wed. so I guess it changes up which doesn't help me to plan my Speciality dinners. Anything you want to tell me about this ship? I'm hearing mixed reviews and we have booked on this ship for 2021. I hope I don't have to cancel it. It looks like you too have been on many of the Princess fleet. How does it compare? Thanks again, Deb
  4. Thank you SO much for responding. None of my other cruise friends have done so. Much appreciated. Deb
  5. Can anyone tell me what 2 nights will be the formal night for the cruise 2/1/2020? Many thanks, Deb
  6. Can anyone please tell me what nights are formal nights on Sky Princess? Going 2/1/20. 7 day. Thank you in advance. Deb
  7. Yes, we have travelled Princess and NCL a lot and all you have to do is ask your steward when you get on board or go to customer service. They will bring to room at no charge. Enjoy!!
  8. We are booked with our friends since 3/19 linked our accounts. Our friend is handicapped and needs assistance. We are on the Escape 9/29/19, New England and Canada. NCL DID NOT book our free air flight together. I have been fighting with them since I got the air. I called 2 hours after it showed up (46 days before cruise) and they told me it states no guarantee to fly together is in the find print!!! No compassion at all. I have had my Crluise Consultant try, have written complaints and have called, waiting 1 hour 20 minutes for a supervisor who promised me she would try and would call me back. That was 10 days ago and no call or e/mail. NCL has the worst customer service ever!!! Not travelling again with them (we've done 8 with them). Hope you all have better luck.
  9. We are flying out day of 9/29 Chicago to LaGuardia. I was a nervous wreck until alas the air arrangements came. Non stop 8/30 a.m!! HOWEVER, we booked this with our friends and told NCL my girlfriend is handicapped and needs assistance in bathroom and on the plane. We linked our accounts, again since FEBRUARY. Our friends fly out 1 hour before us!!!! We are on the same place going home. I have called, been put on hold for 45 minutes only to be told by a supervisor that there was nothing they could do now that the flights have been booked and in the fine print it shows that people travelling together (I'm sure not your kids) can not be guaranteed to fly together. I called the same day the tickets were booked, within hours (I was checking every couple hours). My travel agent also tried to get them to change the tickets but they just won't!! I have written a complaint pre cruise to NCL in hopes someone reads it and does something about it. It's 5 weeks away now. I also called the airlines (AA) explained and they indicated that at the 7/30 check in (my friends, that we should ask if we can go with them or they with us. She also said they may waive the $75. ea. change fee and wrote a whole bunch of stuff on line so the check in people could see we really need this, but she guaranteed nothing but that's what I have now). NCL customer service is truly the worst. From the time it takes to get to a rep to be told they could not do anything and sends you to a supervisor who I waited45 minutes to speak to and then they tell you they will be back to you in 3 business days (which they may or may not). This is probably my last cruise with them for the above reasons. Bottom line, go in a day early even though we lucked out, I would not trust them!!!!
  10. We are going on NCL Escape 9/29/19 out of New York. Has anyone used this "free air"? How does it work? A little nervous! When do we get notification of the air plan? HELP!!!
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