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  1. Part of it could very well be the extreme mask and testing requirements especially on longer cruises. More people may be waiting to see if the restrictions are eased before they cruise. We have moved one cruise from mid January to late March
  2. Until they get the vaccine they cannot cruise as far as I know
  3. The home tests are having false positives around 15% of the time as it is
  4. What inquiring minds want to know is how this is actually handled on board ship
  5. Since they are testing during the longer cruises why the extra mask protocols ? If they are serious then all smoking indoors should be banned as those folks will have masks off and spewing smoke for a long time. Perhaps people on the first longer cruises will post to tell us what actually happened on cruises. Our next longer cruise is a 16 day Hawaii cruise from Seattle at the end of March
  6. Please let us all know what the mask and testing requirements were since they just announced extra protocols for cruises 10 days and more. Are you really required be masked in ALL indoor settings ? Are they forcing to sip and cover in bars and take a bite and cover in restaurants ?
  7. No you still must be vaccinated to sail but that testing thing is still a pain and I am seeing that the home tests with proctors come up with 15 % false positives - don't want to get to SF and find out I can't sail. I
  8. That 2 day testing being extended through February may cause me to move my January cruise. To much danger in not getting results in 2 days while traveling to port. Even Hawaii is not requiring fully vaccinated people to be tested.
  9. You have got to be kidding. That messed up app gets you a promotion ?
  10. If they are club class mini then yes for club class. If regular mini then no on club class. They can eat with you in the specialty restaurant but will have to pay. The club class area is only for full suites and club class minis and we have watched people turned away
  11. Thank you - we have 2 cruises scheduled on the Ruby, 1 on the Caribbean and had 1 on the Sapphire but that got switched to the Royal - not really keen on spending 2 weeks on the Royal but got a fabulous suite
  12. Princess is not the one doing the testing - it is just a company they contracted with
  13. If she tested negative why would she be quarantined ? You might as well quarantine anyone who spend any time with them at dinner, cocktails, casino etc.
  14. This service is needed it the event that you do not get test results back in time or cannot get a home test because of a backlog. My Kaiser website say 3-4 days for results and does not offer a rapid test
  15. We much prefer Grand class and the Coral to any Royal class ships
  16. For those of us who have 2022 cruises it is an issue - I may wait until late December and see what expiration dates they have
  17. She has always been one of my favorite ships - don't know why but have always enjoyed this ship.
  18. The testing requirement is my one concern with the news that there may be a shortage of home tests with major companies buying up whole chunks of tests so they can test employees
  19. I really don't understand the urge to order drinks via the app - do people spend all their time in there cabins ? We always spend time interacting with bartenders and servers. Once they get to know you they will have your regular drink to you in a flash
  20. That would take a lot more work than they have time for on Swan Island - she is leaving later this week
  21. I think the vaccination requirement will be in place for quite a long time but hopefully the 2 day testing requirement will be gone.
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