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  1. Always pick the cruise which goes to glacier bay. End of story
  2. Oh, Alaska,Alaska,Alaska. And Barcelona and Florence.
  3. One of the other factors that must be considered is that fact that many people have lost their jobs and won’t be spending money on vacation. Even those with jobs returning will have lost a certain percentage of their salary. So spending might be tight for the foreseeable future.
  4. There seems to be some NCL appologists again who say it’s only 50 cents per person a day. So what. Isn’t that the exactly what nickel and dime is. Just what NCL is famous for
  5. Can anyone give me an idea what car service might cost between Lax and San Pedro hotels. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. New to this site so excuse me if this has been asked and answered already. We are on a Disney cruise in Alaska and have been offered the adventures by Disney add on. It is pricy and I wonder if anyone has done it and is it worth it. We have no problem with the cost if it is worth it. Thanks
  7. I just noticed on NCL that my room category is OX. I have no idea what that means. Any help?
  8. Cruise critic news has not even reported this on their news page. Are they afraid of bad news. Do they only report the industry’s good news
  9. I like the larger ncl ships because you can choose the haven and feel like you’re on a smaller ship but leave it when you want the larger ship extras
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