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  1. Hi Lois and thank you. Nine days and I'll be leaving on my cruise. I''m taking my swim suit . . . whether or not I wear it is another thing. :p
  2. Thanks and not smoking anymore has been one of the hardest things I'ver ever done. Unfortunately . . . I've gained twenty-five pounds in the process and believe me, I was pretty heavy to start with. By the way, I think I've told you before that your icon is one of the cutest I'ver ever seen . . . :p
  3. I tried Chantix and scared me to death. I actually had voices talking to me and not about smoking. It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced and stopped taking the pills after just a couple of days.
  4. Patrick, I'm with you. I like to feel the movement of the ocean which might be one of the reasons I wasn't crazy about being on the Dream. Beautiful ship but so big . . . felt like I was in a fancy resort . . . not on the ocean.
  5. Kathy, how far is Jack's Shack from Margaritaville? I've heard so much about Jack's . . . would really like to visit but not into walking any great distance. Tammy
  6. Too funny!!!!!! Yes, three years ago I was 6 . . . how in the world did I turn 63 in January? Boy, time sure does fly . . . :p:p Tammy
  7. I never book excursions through Carnival but usually book something on my own. On this cruise, I'm just going to Margaritaville in Grand Turks, cab to the shopping area in Kingston and at the private beach . . . may get off the ship, look around, dip my toes in the sand and water and then get back on the ship. Not very exciting but R&R sounds nice right about now. Tammy
  8. Tee Hee . . . I'm not even taking a camera on this cruise. Heaven forbid someone takes a picture of me with it. :eek:
  9. Have you tried a 14W? Not even sure they make them . . . a 16W was what I "used" to wear before I stopped smoking and sort of "grew" in size. :p Tammy
  10. Don't remember which cruise it was but we hit a "sudden surge" (as the Captain said) where the ship tipped on it's side. All I could think of was that movie "The Posiden Adventure" . . . I hadden even learned my way around the ship right side up let alone upside down. Everything in the bars and gift shop was broken on the floor. As a former flight attendant, I wasn's afraid. It was rather exciting walking sideways . . . :p
  11. That's nice to hear. I was on the Pride about three years ago (a birthday present from my son for my sixth birthday). That cruise was to the Mexican Riviera. Don't remember much of the ship . . . just spending time with my son and what we did on our excursions. Really looking forward to my cruise out of Baltimore next moth. I too am not really very excited about our Ports (the same as yours) but . . . know I too will have a fantastic time on the ship! By the way . . . what did you do in those Ports?
  12. Think I've finally made up my mind (thanks to all the help I've gotten on here). I'm going to the mall tomorrow and get a T-Moble pay as you go phone with roll over minutes. Don't plan on using a phone on my cruise but do want one to talk to my son before he picks me up at the Port in Baltimore. Also with the roll over minutes, I can just keep it in my car in case of emergencies which is what my son worries about. I'm sixty-three and never had an emergency in my car or anywhere for that matter that I couldn't deal with without a cell phone. But, it will put my son's worries to rest. Love the idea of paying $100 dollars the first year and then only $10 a year from then on when I don't plan to use it. I do have a cell phone at the office in case my secretary needs to get in touch with me when I'm in Court. Think that's only happened once or twice a year. Thanks you guys for all your help . . . . :p
  13. Wow . . . checked out that website and even those swimsuits for plus size look fantastic. If I looked like any of those models . . . I'd definately strut around . . . even minus a cover up. Wish they'd use real plus size women to model instead of plus size 12 models. Would love to see some of these suits on women who wear a 16W to even larger sizes . . . such as a 20W.
  14. Too funny! I know they say that "three is a charm" but don't think that applies to marriages. Two was more than enough for me. If I could lose five pounds and find a swimsuit that took fifteen pounds off . . . I'd be on top of that like flies on honey. :p
  15. Tee Hee! I don't have a husband but I do have two "former" husbands . . . :p
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