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  1. I know this really isn't a fashion question but thought maybe ya all could help. I just returned from my seven day Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival's Triumph. On the morning after we left Miami, I awoke to extremely swollen ankles . . . I mean, my legs looked like telephone polls . . . I had no ankles! This was my sixth cruise and my ankles never swelled before. The next morning . . . I awoke to not only swollen ankles but feet that looked like balloons . . . picture vinyl gloves that someone blew up. Not only extremely unattractive but my skin was so tight . . . it was actually uncomfortable (still is). Has anything like this ever happened to any of ya all? If so . . . why and what did you do to get the swelling to go away? I've been drinking lots of fluid and staying away from anything salty that would cause one to retain fluid. I've also been trying to keep my feel elevated. I'm really wondering if I should go to the doctor tomorrow?
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