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  1. Oh My Gosh!!! This is cracking me up!!! 🤣
  2. I think she was saying she wasn't in an elite group in regards to priority boarding status. The entire post was about being able to have priority boarding while not being in the Haven.
  3. No, she was just saying that she felt snubbed by Haven guests. We were just putting our thoughts on that. You can be as excited as you want to be. Any cabin is a good cabin and service is good all through the ship.
  4. I've heard different stories like this about Haven guests snubbing people who are not actually staying in the Haven. I always wonder how they know and why they care. We stay in the Haven but honestly, we don't really notice whether someone is Haven or not. We really don't care. I don't know why people have to snub others. We always enjoy getting to know other people.
  5. Thank you. I was hoping it would be like the Margaritaville on the Getaway.
  6. When we were on the Getaway, Haven guests were allowed to eat a Margaritaville for free on embarkation day as an extra perk. Does anyone know if Haven guests on the Joy will be able to eat at the American Diner for free on embarkation day? Just wondering. Thanks 😀
  7. So, you did not have to pay extra to choose your own seats. How do you choose the seats? Do you just pull up your confirmation number and then there is a place to pick your seats? Sorry for the stupid question but I've never gone in and chosen seats after a flight was booked.
  8. Those are good reminders for everyone. Wouldn't life be great if everyone just behaved themselves?
  9. I would love to see the dailies if you can post them. 🙂
  10. We enjoyed it. We had a great butler and concierge. The bar service and restaurant were wonderful. We loved coming back to our cabin to find out what type of snacks were received. We became very spoiled. It just felt so much more relaxing by the private pool instead of being surrounded at the main pool. We really only ventured out for the specialty restaurants and shows. We also met a few people that we really clicked with in the Haven and shared a few drinks and meals with them. We also loved having the priority boarding and disembarking. I love the Haven and think it's well worth t
  11. We absolutely love the Haven but we only book it if we are traveling just by ourselves. We have several friends that love to cruise with us but would never pay for the Haven. I'm not going to pay the extra only to have to spend a lot of time with our friends outside of the Haven. We also like the Haven when we don't really care about missing the ports. We've seen most of the Caribbean ports so we don't mind missing those to enjoy our time in the Haven. We truly enjoyed all the benefits such as the priority boarding, butler service, Haven restaurant and bar. When we travel by ourselves in
  12. I have been in that situation. Not in a family suite but similar. We cruise with friends and normally get 4 or 5 cabins very close together. That is so convenient when you like to travel in a pack, which we do. One year, my DH and I decided we wanted a suite which was on a different deck and on the opposite end of the ship. We were still able to call each others' cabins or text via the cruise line's app but it wasn't quite as convenient as being right beside them. We found ourselves a little out of the loop and had to catch up to them. So now we book suites when we go all
  13. Oh okay. I had no idea. I thought the room steward just brought us the wrong bag. It sure was nicer that the paper bag.
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