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  1. The ABC itinerary is the best (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Honduras is a great stop as well. As for SRF's suggestion, I would tend to agree. We have had dives cancelled the last 2 cruises for various reasons. When you only have a couple days where dives are available, it is disappointing to have one of them cancelled on you.
  2. I was originally in a JS with Sea. Through RoyalUP I was upgraded to an Owner's Suite with Sky Class. It said specifically that I would not be eligible for Star Class. Now, if Owner's Suites do not qualify for Star under normal circumstances, that would explain it. Chris
  3. I would double check, I don't believe you get Star Class through RoyalUp. I'm speaking from my experience at the beginning of this month. It specifically stated I would only be eligible for Sky perks, not Star. I was already booked in a JS at the time, so I was able to upgrade from Sea.
  4. Just got off Anthem, where we were issued a 20% FCC coupon due to a few issues with our cruise. As part of this cruise, we had successfully bid for the Owners Suite through the RoyalUP program. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but the FCC didn't include the RoyalUP amount. Has anyone else been in this position? And if so, did you go back to RCI to include this amount? I can't find any fine print that says this would not be included. Thanks, Chris
  5. I always try to pick them up too! When on symphony in March they sold out and I would love to try to get my hands on them. Not sure what postage would be from Toronto, but probably not too bad. I'll be on the Anthem beginning of August and i'll keep an eye for them.
  6. I am one of those Diamond's who do still get the package..... sometimes. I find it is only worth it if there are 3 or 4 sea days depending on cruise length and itinerary (such as Labadee or Coco Cay, as the package works there too). Also need to factor in dining time, if you dine late then you probably will get enough freebies from the DL and then at dinner. If you dine early, or chose to dine early through mytime you will miss out on a good chunk of DL time.
  7. Thanks, I'll look them both up.
  8. Has anyone booked their own Scuba Dives in San Juan? Or have any dive shops they would recommend? Thanks,
  9. Not posting one of those "What should I do" questions, just looking for some facts from fellow drinkers who may know the best way to navigate the system. About to depart for 9 nights on the Anthem. I'm Diamond Status, staying in a Junior Suite, and purchased the Drink Package. As part of a Royal Up bid, the JS Sea perks get upgraded to Sky. If I am successful as part of the RoyalUp bid, are there any way to get a few more drinks being in either a Loft/ Owners/ Grand Suite with Sky Perks? If so, I'll probably look at canceling my drink package. Also, just to clarify, Diamond Lounge & Happy Hour drinks are not enough on their own for me to not get the drink package, but a few more a day might sway me. Thanks! Chris
  10. Throw a couple of the small boxes of wine in your checked bags, they will get through.
  11. Hmmm this may have swayed me to the sailing instead of the Sandbar or Amiga beach.
  12. Following for further info on the two excursions.... Want to book one, just not sure at this point. Thanks,
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