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  1. afreetdragon

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Has anyone ever purchased the cards and had them mailed to you? How long did it take and did they use a traceable method? I'm wondering what happens if they were to get lost...
  2. 8 days til "I'm walking on Sunshine" for my Anniversary
  3. afreetdragon

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    If I get the $500 card and apply it for Cheers which is about $460 for a 4 day..What happens to the other $40? Can I get that back at the end of the cruise?
  4. afreetdragon

    Sign & Sail Card...Will My Method Work?

    Have you taken the Dave Ramsey class? Just curious.
  5. afreetdragon

    Any new updates on the Victory?

    We were originally booked on deck 10 in a 4J but was asked to move to deck 2 OV I'm assuming because of the renovations.
  6. afreetdragon

    Key West Places to Eat

    We decided to book our Victory cruise this year just to be able to go back to Garbo's. We love the food at Garbo's.
  7. afreetdragon

    Yes check your fare Wow!!

    Question: If I booked a 4J originally and Carnival upgraded to a 6B, which cabin do I look at if I want to see if I'm due OBC?
  8. afreetdragon

    Any new updates on the Victory?

    We are going to be sailing on the March 6th cruiser as well. We are getting super excited. :)
  9. We will be on the Victory in March as well. I love both ports and we just normally walk Key West and eat at Garbo's grill. just can't decide between Nachi or Paradise beach. I'm thinking Paradise will when out this cruise. Thanks for your review! :)
  10. afreetdragon


    Get yourself a delicious Guy's burger and visit the Alchemy bar. I love Alchemy mixologist.
  11. afreetdragon

    Alchemy tastings on Carnival Glory?

    or purchase Cheers and have the ones you want. I've had all of them plus a few made just for me and my taste.
  12. afreetdragon

    Best drinks you've found on ship "cheers" or no "cheers"

    Whats the AMF? We do blue long island and Patron shots.
  13. 113 days til we board glory for the 3rd time. Carnival, take me away!!
  14. Did you Actually get turn down twice?
  15. afreetdragon

    Cheers reviews

    Wondering if the listed Tequilas and price is for a shot or glass.