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  1. A short memory at the end of a cruise that led to a decision for my next one. Sunward II, sitting on an aft deck having coffee and some pastries prior to disembarking in Miami after a 4 day cruise in the next to bottom category of inside cabins, I was so pleased with this "rather inexpensive cruise experience" that I made a cruise decision that I had been considering for months prior to that February cruise. A June, 1980 cruise aboard Royal Viking Sky: a 10 day trans-Atlantic crossing from New York to Copenhagen followed by a 14 day North Cape Cruise, round trip from Copenhagen. The cost for my traveling companion and me would be the largest either of us had spent on a cruise. But, for a RVL cruise (probably due to the re-positioning of Royal Viking Sky), the price we would pay would be a bargain for the quality of the experience received. I would have to convince him to join me. I would have to get my vacation schedule (with the cooperation of my colleagues) re-arranged to allow me to have a 6 week vacation time period. The vacation time period was the most critical piece of the puzzle. Returning to work, I was able to more easily get it resolved than I expected. Time to "sell" my friend. I obtained another Cruise Atlas from my travel agent prior to us going out for dinner at a very upscale restaurant in Cincinnati. (I thought that would be an appropriate venue to make my "sales pitch".) During dinner, we talked about my proposed plans. A few days in Copenhagen to visit the city, take a train to Odense for the Hans Christian Anderson sites, a train/ferry to Hamburg with an overnight at Hamburg, and finally a train to Bremerhaven with an overnight and a visit to their Maritime Museum for the return to the United States on Queen Elizabeth 2. (Dates matched for the sailings, we would have to sail on QE2 in Tourist Class--First Class was beyond both of our bank accounts, however.) I gave him the Cruise Atlas and a few days later, he agreed. I quickly made an appointment with my travel agent (was using a local agency at that time) and arrangements/bookings were made. While the return trip on QE2 was the most disappointing part of the trip because of labor issues at that time on the ship, (we knew some people in First Class and they were as displeased as we were in Tourist Class), that trip remains my #1 cruise experience of all time. And, to think, that the decision to "let's do it" came about as a result of a 4 day, inexpensive cruise on NCL's Sunward II. (Memories of my previous cruise experiences up to that time certainly helped: two on Rotterdam V, Oceanic, Statendam, PFEL's Monterey.)
  2. 😀 You got my "tongue in cheek" post! Given the seeming distrust by many of 2020 science, spreading such a theory would be quite easy to do.
  3. Glacier Brewhouse, 49th State Brewing, and Snow City Cafe being my choices with Snow City Cafe probably be my first choice for lunch. As a breakfast/lunch type restaurant, it might be a better choice for lunch. And, the good people of Anchorage love it!
  4. Jamaica: all ports have been disappointing because of many of their citizens with whom I have encountered. Really sad, because the island is so beautiful and has so much to offer to a cruise guest. Pisa was a disappointment. Surely glad to see the Leaning Tower, but--that's it. The Cathedral was not open and nothing else to visit. I needed a visit to the loo while I was there and the Port-a-Potties were the worst, and I mean the worst, I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. St. Petersburg was a disappointment because of the tours that we took had guides whose English were poor. And, the crowds! All of the ports visited in Argentina: Tour guides were great. Citizens met in the gift shops were not. Currency issues and ridiculously high postage rates to mail a post card to the United States clouded my opinion. Did not feel safe in Buenos Aires even when I was with a tour group. And, in departing the country on a Delta flight that evening, the extremely unfriendly way they handled guests that had hours to wait before we could even check in at the Delta counter sealed my opinion of Argentina. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings; the journey to that area from the port of Safaga: Armed soldiers in jeeps in front, behind, and along the side of our bus caravan to/from Luxor. Armed soldiers at the tourist sites. Not something that I will experience again. A long time ago, I was searching for an Atlantic coast beach vacation destination not far from where I live for a vacation. Ocean City, Maryland, Myrtle Beach, the resort area of the State of Delaware, Virginia Beach were the candidates. Only Virginia Beach met my expectations. The beach, the view (with sights of shipping entering and departing from Hampton Roads), the tourist opportunities (which, at that time, included opportunities for Naval ship visits at the Norfolk Naval Base as well as a tour of the Oceania Naval Air Station), the dining available, and the friendliness of the citizens won the "competition". Have I been disappointed in choosing that location over the years? Yes, but that disappointment was due to my choice of some beachfront hotels that did not meet my expectations for a variety of reasons including accommodations that were not properly maintained and were clean. I finally found a hotel that was perfect. Well priced, well located, pleasant and helpful staff. What has happened to that hotel? It has been demolished for whatever is next for that spot.
  5. I appreciate your response. Have a pleasant remainder of October 21, 2020.
  6. I agree. If one has familiarity with the cruise line and/or the ship used for the world cruise, an extended cruise is not needed, I don't think. Even sailing on a segment of such a previous world cruise does not provide a 100% accurate description of what one might experience on later world cruise. It may; it may not. The guests aboard and the ship's Senior Officers (including the Executive Chef in the galley) when you cruise will have influence on what you experience.
  7. May I ask the reason for your post? I don't see the point. The photo is not relevant. Nothing is going to be sailing from the Port of Miami for awhile.
  8. At least whatever rain it produces will help to keep the Atlantic Ocean full.
  9. Absolutely, a ship's Master would avoid such seas that we see on that TV program. Even then, doing the best that they can and altering course to avoid King Neptune's wrath, sailing in that body of water ought not to be expected to be a "walk in the park on a Summer afternoon". Being in the Crow's Nest of the Volendam during her 2002 Asia Pacific Cruise sailing through that part of the Pacific, we encountered, twice, very rough seas. I witnessed the ship's bow plunge into troughs causing sea water--not sea spray--to be thrown above the top of the Crow's Nest. One walked through the ship from hand hold to hand hold!
  10. Regarding the Bering Sea, I have personal knowledge of what they can be like when King Neptune is having a very bad day(s). Please read the comment to navybankerteacher that follows. I am simply posting what I would prefer as compared to an Alaskan cruise that would require a visit to any port in Mexico.
  11. My suggestion of a Russian port being included on an Alaskan cruise does suggest a re-thinking of such logistics and time required. I realize that. If Alaskan cruises remain unable to resume under the itineraries and times required for such in past cruise seasons for an extended period of time, some "out of the box" thinking is required if the cruise lines wish to resume their Alaska cruises. I know that you are correct. But, I have never really comprehended why.
  12. For that reason, I would avoid booking it. A regular outside double on the two decks below Lower Promenade Deck provides much more room, particularly if you request the Queen bed be split to make two single beds.
  13. Maybe some rationality is starting to come into the minds of even the professionals? This morning was my 3rd appointment with my PCP during the pandemic. Still wearing a mask, but he was not wearing the other outer protective gear that seemed so "out of place" for an office appointment.
  14. Based upon the data that I am seeing for my State as well as the United States, I believe that another lockdown is in our future this Winter. Time to buy more toilet paper.
  15. A visit to a Russian port would be much more interesting to this cruiser than any port in Mexico if a Canadian port is not able to be visited.
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