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  1. If the issue for the Koningsdam's late sailing was late arriving stores, whose at fault in that situation? Is that not one of the cruise lines's Port Agent's responsibilities to see that what is needed does indeed arrive on a timely basis?
  2. As well as the Chief Engineer! He's responsible for the fuel budget and to get to wherever the Silhouette is going, more fuel is going to be needed to be used to reach the speed required to get there.
  3. As I prepare to embark the Nieuw Statendam in early January, his news does not sound encouraging.
  4. rkacruiser

    December Enclave Price on Royal

    Thanks for the information because I am debating whether to purchase this amenity for my Royal Princess cruise soon to take place. I enjoy very much the Greenhouse Spa's Thermal Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool on the Signature and Vista Class ships of Holland America. But, The Enclave lacks windows, the the loungers are not heated, and the pictures I have seen of the pool makes me think that the pool itself is rather small and the seating nearby is limited. Visiting The Enclave on Embarkation Day is on my priority to-do list in order to decide what to do.
  5. Congratulations Scrapnana! My response was 4 minutes too late. (That's what I get "wandering around" the CC Message Boards.)
  6. rkacruiser

    Tote bags

    A contrarian view in light of some of the above posts: I did not care for the Alaska bag I received in 2017. It was OK, nothing more. I do like the new blue bags that I have received. I do think they are substantial and were large enough for my HAL purchase of the small Christmas Tree to be carried off the Prinsendam a couple of years ago.
  7. I book the Greenhouse Thermal Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool for the entire cruise on Embarkation Day. Usually, booking this at the start of the cruise, the price is discounted. I remind the staff member that I am a 5 Star Mariner and have a spa pass for one day. Even with the discounted price, I receive a one day credit which reduces the price I need to pay. I have not had problems doing this. But, I generally have to remind the staff member that this benefit exists.
  8. When I have a choice, I choose to fly Delta through Detroit rather than Atlanta or MSP. The Delta Lounge at Detroit is great, in my opinion, and the connections to the Gates, from wherever one is, is convenient.
  9. Yes, that is what I think. I like the sounds of your toots! And, I appreciate the Captain doing so as she sailed this evening!
  10. rkacruiser

    Behind-the-scenes ship tour?

    Not the brig, but the "morgue" is where the fresh flowers are stored except when the refrigerated space needs to be used for a deceased person.
  11. rkacruiser

    Behind-the-scenes ship tour?

    This is excellent advice. Asking the staff at the Front Office if the tour will be offered sometimes results in their denying that there ever is such a tour. Only then, I discover that it is available. Once, I saw the tour advertised in the daily Program and the Front Office staff member had no knowledge of the tour.
  12. Thanks for such a quick reply! The reason I asked the question was studying the ship's deck plan, I see no obvious entry point other than an open deck area mid-ships. I like knowing where I may embark so that I have some idea as to which direction to go--aft or forward--to try to avoid the crush of humanity using the central elevators/stairways at mid-ship.
  13. On which deck do guests usually embark the ship?