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  1. Since my trip was a R/T, I left my car in their parking lot that had lots of room. A cabin would provide privacy and a good place for a nap. Not knowing your family's travel history, but such might indeed provide a "luxury factor" for them. As an example: when my Mother booked the S. S. South American for a Detroit-Buffalo-Cleveland-Detroit cruise for our family, she booked a Bedroom, which was the highest category available. I knew we were "living high on the hog" at the time. More encouragement for me to replicate such as much as I could do.
  2. Why just Cunard? I'd be pleased to sail on a ship of several cruise lines whose product I enjoy.
  3. Dining on a cruise will provide you with companions as often as you wish. You need not be or feel alone. Fixed seating dining will provide people with whom you get to know for better or worse during your cruise, if they usually appear for dinner. Open seating dining will allow you to meet a wider variety of people, if you wish. You can also specify what size of table you would like for open seating (as well as for fixed seating, too). I recommend a round table for 6 or 8. Why a round table? It is much easier to carry on a conversation with others than at a rectangular table for 6 or 8 (or larger). From what you have posted, you have already learned that the best place for a solo guest to be in order to be able to easily interact with fellow guests and the bar staff is at the bar and not sitting at a table somewhere in the lounge.
  4. Such deprivations! When will such cease?
  5. Surely appreciated the video; knew none of the performers. But, that makes no difference. The message resonates. God bless them for putting forth their effort!
  6. Visiting the MS Kungsholm on sailing day prior to a North Cape Cruise was another one of those "I have to do this" experiences for me. She sailed at 4:00 P. M. and when we left the ship at the "All Ashore" message over the PA , the Stewards were preparing tea service in her main Lounge for that time. I still regret that I was not able to experience the services of Swedish American Lines and Norwegian America Lines. I was fortunate to experience Royal Viking Lines and that was probably just as good.
  7. Very true in my experience. I was a co-planner for my first Roll Call experience as a new member of CC for Volendam's 2002 Asia Pacific Cruise. ITravelNow and I helped to arrange a very successful series of CC Roll Call meetings during that cruise that has resulted in making friends for me since that time. Many of whom, I still keep in touch and have sailed/visited since that wonderful 2002 cruise.
  8. The supply chain for American businesses needs to be returned to North America as much as possible. Vietnam and India "like" us for now. In the future? Singapore is a very logical site for the preferred financial center for Asia.
  9. My luggage was in a special area. The path to C&I was not separate. My Butler "picked" me up at my suite, took me to the disembarkation deck and then turned me over to another staff member. He was not dressed as a Butler. That person then delivered me off the ship where I was turned over to a shore staff gentleman who engaged a Porter to get the luggage and both stayed with me until I got to my car in Parking Garage G. What did I do wrong? Did I not tip my Butler sufficiently the night before we arrived in Miami?
  10. To be clear, my experience was not at the post office, but at a gift shop that sold post cards and stamps. The clerk with whom I dealt was as tourist unfriendly as any other than one that I experienced in Egypt. Given the attitude that I observed, I left the shop and chose not to enrich the Argentinean economy with any contribution from me.
  11. Rome: Visconti Palace--within walking distance of the Vatican and a number of small restaurants. On the Via Veneto, Grand Hotel Palace provided a pleasant stay in a good location. I believe the hotel has changed ownership/management since I stayed, but one might want to consider it. Amsterdam: my only hotel experience was the Movenpick and my traveling companion was pleased with its location (next door to the Cruise Terminal), our room and huge bathroom, and service.
  12. Since you live in Mississippi, a trip to a port for a Caribbean cruise would probably be easier and less costly to do than one to the west coast for Mexico. Although, you might enjoy the Mexican ports on the nation's Caribbean side. What's your interests? That's what you have to decide. Do you want the "big ship" amusement park-type amenities? If so: Oasis, etc. would be OK. Otherwise, consider some other smaller vessels that offer the amenities that you would prefer. Yes. No interest in any share. And, I have no interest in trying to book a double and then have to explain why my phantom travel mate didn't show.
  13. An oldie and impossible to do: R.M.S. Queen Mary Why? She is the first ship that I visited prior to a trans-Atlantic sailing. I was so impressed by what I saw and experienced that I said to myself: "I have to experience this." My CC signature tells the rest of my story.
  14. If so, why? No guests, no hotel services required for such guests, why does a Hotel Director and a Guest Relations Manager need to be aboard? Their contracts for the 2020 World Cruise surely have reached there end time. If Captain and Mrs. Mercer are off, why are not they?
  15. Ruth, I would be pleased to do so. (A Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc would be appreciated, thank you.) CC is probably not the forum on which to do so, however. With both of our cruise histories, I am sure we could engage in a most interesting conversation that could last for many days. (Interesting, at least, for us!)
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