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  1. I don't leave my cell phone on, but I always have it within arm's reach (hopefully) if I need it.
  2. I appreciate reading your post. Agree. With proper critical thinking education in the liberal arts including world and American history as well as Civics, most of the clap trap that is posted on social media would be put in the trash can that it belongs.
  3. LynnSD, Princess far exceeds HAL in the category of daily activities. Just look at sample daily programs for comparable itineraries on both lines. Music venues are more varied on HAL, but the most recent main theater performances on HAL are the most severe under use of the theater's ability to produce a high quality show, that if I was the President of HAL, I would fire the person responsible for such a product. Cuisine experienced is going to depend upon the ship's Executive Chef. Some are great. Some: not so much. My most recen
  4. Since I have a cell phone as well as a landline, I have two phone numbers. And, I have two ways of calling 911 if I need to do so. My landline, even with AT &T, has had difficulty--very rarely, but enough that I was appreciative of having my cell phone that is not connected with AT&T available. In fact, I was calling AT&T on my cell phone to report the service issue with with their service! The VoIP has been tempting; some really good "deals" with Spectrum that are offered. But, a good friend went that route and she has had too frequent issues with Spectrum's servic
  5. Sounds delicious!!!! I have found that the bakers on cruise ships develop some different and excellent cookies.
  6. Oh, yes! Some sausages are a wholly different cuisine than a hot dog. Give me an Italian Sausage Sandwich dripping with sauce of onions, tomatoes, etc. on a warm bun! Delicious! Probably in your Provence, you have festivals/fairs/outdoor events that attract food vendors. One of my delights when I attend something like that in Ohio is to find a vendor serving Italian Sausage Sandwiches. I can't resist and 99% of the time, I return home with the front of my shirt showing the effects of the sauce on the sandwich. You mentioned sliced olives. I love olives. Never thought abou
  7. I nominate Holland America Line's Dive-In for the best hot dog. The preparation of the dog itself seems pretty ordinary from what I recall seeing. No fancy method of cooking (warming?) it. They have a variety of "dogs" with different names due to different condiments. All that I have tried are good, but, in comparison to my preferred mustard/pickle relish adorned dog, the Dive-In's dogs are more upscale than what I think they need to be. My plebeian dog can still be obtained, however.
  8. I prefer mustard and some pickle relish on my dog. No ketchup or onions or chili sauce or shredded cheese. A warm bun is always nice to have, but, what I prepare for myself is just the bun out of the package.
  9. And what are the proper condiments for the hot dog? Oh, and don't forget the bun: toasted? warmed? straight out of the bun package?
  10. Art Auctions fun? Not in my experience. Unless, one defines "fun" as getting a flute or more of a cheap sparkling wine. Depending upon the speaker, port talks can be entertaining and informative. But, fun?
  11. I was not aware of them. I just checked their web site and looked at a sample menu. My impression from what I read is that 229 Parks is a more "up-scale" restaurant than 49th State Brewing Company. Is my impression correct?
  12. I have passed up so many opportunities to claim my Publisher's Clearing House prize of millions that always included as part of the award a 2021 Lincoln in the color of my choice. I get phone calls as well as snail mail about a car that I have not owned since Novermber, 2019. My slide rule would not fit into a pocket. But, it did have its own sleeve in which it fit. I will never relinquish my land line. It's good to have more than one way to reach the outside world when one source fails. My landline phones are in my liv
  13. I appreciate your post. And, where does this situation leave what our countrymen to believe or to know? If there was ever a time in American history that our populace needed "critical thinking" skills, it is now. But, in the "best interest" of our recent adult citizens, being able to "pass tests" that have nothing to do with critical thinking skills when they were in school, knowing something about STEM, but not the liberal arts or learning to critically think, was important. So, now, we have "debates" about what is "fake news" and what is real news, real journalism. We hav
  14. I share your hopes, Father. But, I think it is going to be quite some time before Captain Albert's services are going to be needed. At least, on Rotterdam VII. If the others in the HAL fleet soon come into service? Yes. His services may well be needed.
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