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  1. rkacruiser

    No Mega Millions winner

    Even if it is only a $4 winning, I am glad someone did. I'd accept that. I play for fun and any winnings are greatly appreciated.
  2. rkacruiser

    excursions and tipping?

    My Anchorage resident Nephew worked for a tour company this Summer as a driver/guide in Anchorage. His hourly wage was disappointing, but he did enjoy his job. Offering a gratuity to those guides surely are appreciated by them!
  3. rkacruiser

    Antarctica Cruise Video

    Thank you for posting this video. It brought back good memories of my Zaandam cruise this year. You saw some areas that we did not see. We were not able to sail through the Lemaire Channel due to the ice conditions. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of that transit!
  4. rkacruiser

    Pictures and Nieuw Statendam info

    This preview of some of the venues only whets my anticipation for my January cruise on Nieuw Statendam. I also would like to learn more details about Club Orange. No Culinary Arts Center? No loss in my opinion and the America's Test Kitchen concept can be trashed as well. The programs are repetitive from one cruise to another. How many times does one need to learn how to "properly" prepare salmon? And, since tastings of the items being prepared are no longer offered, I can find a better use of my cruise time than attending these entertainment programs.
  5. rkacruiser

    baltimore port info

    The OP's post sounds very much like what I experienced a few years ago when I arrived at Port Baltimore for my Carnival Pride cruise. I thought it was very organized. Traveling Northbound on I-95 and arriving at the exit ramp for the Port, watch your speed. There was, and I imagine still is, a very steep drop in speed limits on the ramp and street level. A Baltimore Police Car was parked next to the end of the ramp monitoring the traffic coming off Northbound I-95.
  6. Sheer speculation on my part, but I am wondering if the 3rd Pinnacle's proposed name of Nieuw Ryndam has been dropped, could it be that there is some consideration of returning Pacific Aria, aka Ryndam, to HAL? P&O Australia has sold Pacific Eden, aka Statendam. Perhaps P&O Australia wants to remove Pacific Aria from their fleet as well.
  7. A town in the Netherlands.
  8. I agree. And, it needed to be greatly modified and improved. When I sailed on Celebrity Eclipse, it was absolutely the worst cruise terminal when disembarking that I have ever experienced anywhere.
  9. I am glad to see that Volendam has returned to Port Everglades! She's been gone for too long, but I am sure she has made many of our friends in New Zealand and Australia happy cruisers.
  10. rkacruiser

    NS Rolling Stones Rock Room

    There have been a couple of posters who have objected to my preference for the music of Abba and Gloria Gaynor to be included into this new venue. I guess my definition of "Rock" is broader than others. If there is no dance floor in the Rolling Stone Rock Room, then music of Abba and Ms. Gaynor would be most appropriate for "dancing by one's seat". Has anyone ever attended a live performance of Mamma Mia? Unless your experience was different from mine, there was much dancing in place and in the aisles during the play. And, the dancing was precisely the type of "rock and roll" dancing that I remember seeing on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.
  11. rkacruiser

    THANKS for your hospitality Floatawayers!

    I echo the above posts. I enjoyed being able to respond to some, what I thought were posts to which I could contribute, but I also enjoyed many of the other posts. "I will return" as General MacArthur once said.
  12. And, I would guess that there are others as well.
  13. My flight was at 9:30 P. M., I recall. The terminal was an Aerolineas Argentina Terminal that Delta uses. The Argentine airline is a Sky Team partner of Delta and I had planned on using their Business Class Lounge after my HAL tour/transfer arrived at the airport. No could do because I couldn't check in. I was able to use it after I finally was checked in and that helped to relieve my unhappiness with the situation.
  14. Late air departures from Buenos Aires, at least on Delta, offer similar experiences. Little seating in the terminal after a mid- late morning arrival at the terminal with no transfer tour or an arrival at the terminal after a mid-late afternoon tour. Check-in does not occur until 3, maybe 4 hours before flight time (that time kept changing depending upon whom one asked). Dozens were sitting on the floor and check-in lines for Business Class and Economy Class passengers were not clearly delineated; it was a mess!
  15. rkacruiser

    We are back!!

    Re: my Signature. What I have posted thus far on this new web site shows an accurate signature and it is reduced in font size from what it had been.