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    Brian is right. They will want everyone off by around 1030 - the ship has to be cleaned and got ready from top to bottom ready for new passengers by lunchtime.
  2. unclewilson2

    Early booking ! Why we won't bother again ?

    I agree with all you say.....we booked our upcoming cruise in April 2011 and didn't look at the price again....but we had an email offering the same cruise, same grade for 1180 pounds each less !! [img]http://www.egala.info/g.php[/img]
  3. unclewilson2

    A newbie question - A219 Fjords

    Nice post thanks for sharing.
  4. unclewilson2

    Electrical Sockets on the Ventura?

    Great thread.
  5. unclewilson2

    Exclusively Adults Only

    All the ships have early sitting at 6.30, late sitting at 8.30. Only Azura, Oceana and Ventura have Freedom Dining. All the ships have buffets plus additional restaurants for a supplement, eg. Sindhu, Marco-Pierre White's Ocean Grill, Seventeen etc.
  6. unclewilson2

    Norway Fjords Cruise Photos

    lovely photos, we want to go on Azura next and to the Fjords!!
  7. unclewilson2

    P & O newbie seeks advice

    We looked at the on board duty free shop and the prices seemed very reasonable, and you could take it to your cabin if you wished.
  8. unclewilson2

    Please read P & O

    Cruise itineraries are worked out 18 - 24 months in advance so they would have to know the dates and I can only guess at the prices !! [img]http://www.egala.info/g.php[/img]
  9. unclewilson2

    17 never again

    I agree with Dai - the meal we had in XVII last year was amongst the best we have ever had, let alone at sea. It is a shame when something you look forward to turns out to be a disappointment.
  10. unclewilson2

    Inboard account-tipping

    Last year we were club dining, so tipped cabin, wine and waiter individually and left a lot of loose change in box in the buffet dining room! [img]http://www.egala.info/g.php[/img]
  11. unclewilson2

    shore excursions

    You can then explore from there. But there are some very nice trips organised by p and o too, like the war tunnels,the rock, (see apes too) and st Michaels cave usually around £30 for a half day, this includes the cable car to the top of the rock. Well worth doing - much more to Gib than 'duty-free' shops (which never seem that cheap to me anyway!) [img]http://www.demama.info/g.gif[/img]
  12. unclewilson2

    Advice about valletta

    It cost 1 euro for a return ticket when we were there last year, though I believe it may have gone up a little since. It takes a splendid route around the outside of the city and drops you at the bus station at the entrance to the main street. [img]http://www.demama.info/g.gif[/img]
  13. unclewilson2

    oceana e223 sun 30sept 17 nights help

    I don't know what your other Croatian ports are, but you're in for a lovely treat when you go to Dubrovnik for the day. The shuttle bus will drop you off just outside the city walls and you can just stroll around all day until you get tired.
  14. unclewilson2

    Oriana -June Baltic Cruise. 2 Day tour of St. Petersbourg.

    I will certainly look at the other areas you suggested & take your advice on currency. Incidentally we nearly went on Aurora in May, but decided to go in June instead.
  15. unclewilson2

    Disembarking - what time to be off ship

    You get a note two nights before telling you which 'muster' station to sit in. They then trust you to sit tight while everyone else files past you.