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  1. We just stayed in our first suite on Edge three weeks ago. We had a sky suite and loved it!!!! my tips are: 1) if you know what you want such as a specific drink, coffee, snacks, pillows, magazines in the room, etc I recommend typing up a list and providing to the butler to keep. Also if you are celebrating an event let the Butler know as he decorated the suite for my birthday with cake, flowers, balloons and champagne. 2) use the concierge for addressing any questions such as making spa appointments, excursions, casino credits that you pre purchase, and booking future cruises. I told the concierge I was going to head down to the future cruise desk when the concierge said you dont need to go down there, let me have them come up here. He called and provided times, I selected one and they were there! Excellent service on Edge. 3) Retreat Deck, Edge has a pool and whirlpool so we hung out there a lot. I never needed. my bulter there but did see him up there one day. The bar staff came around while lounging and offered drinks, cool towels, and offered sorbet or fruit on a stick daily. You have to go over to the bar area to eat and Edge offered a limited menu of lunch items at the Retreat Deck. Butlers can draw a bubble bath if you want one, take care of laundry, polish shoes, unpack and pack for you, and obtain reservations at speciality restaurants if you want. I recommend using them for any desire you have, not abusing them but we found using a butler for their purpose made them happy and use too. It pleases them to know what you want.
  2. Not sure about a children's menu but they do have at dinner standard appetizers, main course and desserts that you can get every night such as escargot, French onion soup, baked chicken, and apple pie. Ask your server to tell you about that, but those standard choices are only available at dinner and are not on the menu. Loved the French Onion Soup!
  3. As Celebrity sends email notifications to you regarding their COVID protections at the bottom of that email it details what the requirements are for each port. At least that is the way it worked in the weeks leading up to my Edge cruise that departed 24 JUL. When we got on board the info had not changed and held true to the end of the cruise.
  4. Have fun on the Edge; we just came off 31 JULY and loved the S2 suite. If you see Marko in Luminae please tell him Sal and Amy Green said hello; we adore him.
  5. Thanks for telling me what I already know, please reserve postings for addressing the question.
  6. I did not, thank you for the reminder!! Every bit helps doesn't it.
  7. Ken to make it as even Steven as possible between Celebrity and Oceania I did add in the cost of premium beverage package for two on Oceania, tips for a PH3 on Oceania and Wifi is free on Oceania. And I removed the $300 per person OBC on Celebrity and Oceania was still by far cheaper. You are correct you dont have to pay for specialty restaurants on O but with the smaller ship of 600 persons it made it somewhat even wrt Luminae. Thanks for your input.
  8. Wondering if Sky Suites were more expensive prior to COVID, the same price as now or perhaps less expensive prior to COVID. I cant help but think demand has increased the price significantly since Celebrity starting sailing in June 2021. Right now the average sailing costs on Edge for an S2 Sky Suite for a 7 day Caribbean are around $3300 per person. I would love to sail Celebrity Edge again in the S2 but I cannot justify the additional costs when I can sail in a Penthouse Suite on Oceania for less money.
  9. Last week we had a passenger sailing on Edge from Canada.
  10. We had the same room and just disembarked yesterday. Enjoyed this room immensely. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. how long did if finally take to get onboard?
  12. Is the Chefs Table still offered on Edge?
  13. we are in a sky suite and have to pay to eat at speciality rest.
  14. so no cabanas or shady loungers in the Retreat area?
  15. that little blue box is every girls dream! T&Co
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