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  1. And better yet, you can time your own departure from the ship. Our Viking transfer left at 5:30 am for our 10 am flight (time to airport was 15 minutes). They bundle folks to fill the bus/transport so you could be going very early for your later flight.
  2. We are taking the Viking River Portugal cruise and two days after debarkation taking the Budapest to Bucharest cruise. Has anyone used Viking air to do this? What was your experience? Thanks
  3. Some of the countries are closed at this point so Viking cancelled yesterday. This makes the third cruise cancelled for us! Unfortunately there is a domino effect with other cruises when attempting to rebook. I know, nice but frustrating situation to have. Was really looking forward to Bora Bora and New Zealand......
  4. Promotion code is JUL4. We were able to “rebook” two long cruises (Pacific Treasures and Southern Crossing) to get the additional OBC and Silver Spirits pkg. Ended up saving money as the Pacific cruise is 21 days so the SS pkg was over $1,500. The additional Obc will cover gratuities and our TA gives $1,000 in OBC too. We also did the same for a shorter cruise—going down a category and using the “free upgrade” to get back where we were plus SS and OBC. Able to get same preferred cabin as Viking was quick to cancel out. All around a win.
  5. Thanks. That gives me a target. Will probably be too late for lift and shift.
  6. Due to cancellations and shifting 2020 cruises to 2021, we now have a 2021 Alaska cruise we need to move to 2022. Anyone have any idea when these normally go up? Thanks
  7. We decided not to risk it so switched to same b3b Cruises next fall.
  8. Keep checking. Put in on their wishlist. There are frequently cancellations. Otherwise have them check on board to get on a waiting list. Sometimes if there are enough on the waiting list they add an additional tour. Depends on venue, etc.
  9. Considering the Oct 1, 2022 cruise. Tempted.
  10. We did a Rio and the Falls on our own. Much cheaper! Let me know if you want hotels and guide suggestions. We were in Rio for New Year’s—amazing. Flew to Iguazu and saw both sides and did the folk dance evening. Then flew to Buenos Aires for four days before getting on the ship. Let me know if you like food as there are some fantastic tours.
  11. We booked (and have now paid for) an Amazon cruise. The more people we have talked with who have taken this cruise, we are no longer excited. We have found a longer one in the Pacific at a later travel date and would like to transfer the Amazon booking to the Pacific one—including the monies already paid. The next cruise person on-board our recent Jupiter cruise said that it might be possible since the new one was longer and there was already payment made. Has anyone been able to do this? Our travel agent is out until next week but a person in her office said it was not possible. Thanks
  12. Consider the El Pedral Tour in Puerto Madryn as you will see a penguin colony right up close and enjoy a delicious roast lamb Asado meal. Wonderful day and shorter.
  13. NH Crillion is lovely, 10 minutes from the port and close to restaurants, etc. Our reservation included full breakfast—best pastries ever (and my husband is a pastry chef) and good coffee. We used a taxi—they are inexpensive and clean. We stayed there last week—we’re on the Viking Jupiter right now.
  14. Just found out that YF vaccine is highly recommended before visiting the Falls. Anyone have any experience with this information? We’ve called around and the vaccine is difficult to come by. We’ve sprayed our clothing with permethrin and taking Deet spray. Will that b3 sufficient?
  15. Your experience is not a one off! We have had several instances of perks going missing with no recourse. Then once, we had OBC we were not told we had until we checked out! Celebrity’s IT and customer service (and now pricing compared to product) are leaving loyal folks on the cutting room floor. We are Elite+ but are now sailing on Viking more and more.
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