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  1. We had a fun day. Beer, bottled water and soft drinks were provided. I was asked if anything special but I did not care so that was it. I was able to get 10 people from roll call to participate. They added two more people. I am out of town so I can’t quote pricing but it was split among us. I originally chartered and then agree to open it. Lunch was “on your own” at the beachside bar & restaurant. Can’t remember pricing—must not have been outrageous and certainly cheaper and better than the Soggy Dollar. i will try to look up pricing when we get back next week.
  2. On MSC, if you are YC you are in a “suite” with the perks of premium beverage package throughout the ship, thecTSL which offers snacks, etc. all day into th3 evening as well as bar service—and cocktail hour entertainment of fine quality, a restaurant, and butler service. We had internet included. What are you missing on MSC?
  3. We’re booked into a YC Interior on the Seaview (sister to Seaside) this fall. We enjoyed YC (other than the food in Le Muse) and because this is a very port intensive cruise, hopefully the much smaller cabin won’t be much bother. Celebrity suites have skyrocketed in price so I doubt we’ll try that again. I would rate YC above Aqua—and fingers crossed that the food will be better this time around on a different ship.
  4. Does this answer your question?
  5. Beautiful ships, lots to do and great entertainment, mediocre food. Can be very crowded as kids sail free when staying in parents room. Very European crowd @n$ ambiance. Customer service can be up and down.
  6. Yes, you can order the old favorites (see above) but not generally from the MDR daily menu.
  7. Was not able to order from MDR last week in the Summit. Blu staff said this was a policy. Maybe differences between ships? Summit is M class.
  8. You can ask to dine in the MDR but as select (not a set seating time—try to reserve if you can), The Aqua restaurant is Blu but the only MDR items are escargot, shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad and French onion soup (plus the daily offerings of salmon, chicken breast, and sirloin). You cannot order from the MDR menu in Blu. If you prefer the MDR menu, ask if you can dine in the MDR. As concierge, you will dine in the MDR—so no issue! Sounds like you made the right choice for you.
  9. We were just in one of these deck 10 cabins on the Summit. The hotel manager told us they were very disappointed in these cabins as they are barely the size of veranda cabins. They were not aware of the problem until they saw the new cabins three weeks into dry dock—too late to modify. The balcony is the same depth as other balconies, just a tad bit narrower as the cabins are both a little narrower and definitely shorter by 2 to 3 feet. He was forthright about these not being A2 let alone A1 cabins they were being sold as. They are not the square footage of an Aqua cabin no matter what someone might say. A couple of pluses is that you are right at the spa/fitness center, close to the spa showers (our cabin had a problem with getting hot water), and the hallway is quiet. We did get bass vibrations from midnight to 1:30am but with ear plugs, I was fine (husband snores so I always have them) from the Sky Lounge above so noise wasn’t a problem for us. The hotel manager met us in the cabin and said it had been too late to reclassify these cabins for April and May because sailings were full and there would be many upset people if there was musical chairs at the last minute—they are reclassifying some deck 9 concierge class to aqua to make all this work. Obviously these cabins are brand new to the core, have the new AC/Heating system controls; however, the bathroom lighting is definitely poorer than the regular aqua cabins (we ended up moving so was easy to compare) and floor space is definitely tight. Lots of storage. If size of the room doesn’t bother you and you have written verification that you will get aqua benefits, go for it!
  10. These are tiny cabins. Great location but tiny. That's why the reclassification effective june 1
  11. Anthem has left the pier. We're getting in earlier than anticipated. Yea!
  12. Jusr approaching bridge now on the Summit Summ Ex
  13. The changes are indeed to compensate for the new deck 10 cabins being reclassified as veranda. The shower in those new cabins are not the “new” Aqua—but then, neither are the revolutionized. If you expect the Edge AG showers on Summit, you will be disappointed no matter where your Aqua cabin is. The hotel manager said adding the new cabins on various decks is all about revenue. The old ilounge and library are now inside cabins.
  14. Here is 9072 for comparison.
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