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  1. Divina in the Caribbean and Seaview in Europe—both in YC. Differences—menus and portion sizes—larger portions and more heavy sauces on Divina. Food a little better on the Seaview but still not great. Otherwise, alcohol, etc. about the same, including American brands. Language is obviously a difference as announcements are made in at least five languages in Europe. We have only found one staff person (grill cook) who did not speak at least some English. Since the two ships are very different in size and features, hard to describe all the physical differences. Many, many small children in YC Seaview! What neither tells you is that you can order a beef filet and Caesar salad in the evening, burgers and fries at the pool grill.
  2. We were in 1012. Noisy from the thumping bass music above. I wear earplugs but the vibration was noticeable.
  3. Found that Netflix, dish and amazon sometimes didn’t work because the internet source was “foreign” and was denied access. Wouldn’t affect downloaded movies.
  4. We’re on this same cruise next September followed by the best of Japan cruise. Looking forward to hearing your impressions.
  5. At least in the Mediterranean, MSC offers various embarkation ports on the same cruise. Thus a certain number of cabins are held per port. We are on the Seaview in October and there are at least three different embarkation ports: Genoa, Rome and Barcelona. Interestingly enough, prices for 7 nights was different for each port!
  6. No information on benefits of YC were offered to us at any time. We were taken from the tent to the lounge—boarding was delayed for three hours due to customs. We were then called together and boarded but no butlers stepped forward (the land butlers and ship butlers are separate) so we ended up on the ship not knowing where to go. Those at the door had no idea and called a manager who took us over and up to YC. We also got no information about the credit card kiosk—where you are supposed to post a credit card for your account. It seemed to be you had to know to ask the question in order to find out what needed to be known. Best bet is to read whatever you can here.
  7. We’re on the Constellation out of Venice in October 2019. Nothing from Celebrity.
  8. We have sailed three times with Captain Ioannis. He is great! Very personable and funny. Last cruise, we were invited to have dinner with him and his girlfriend in the MDR. He respects his crew and it shows.
  9. Or has a loud snoring partner! I have debated this on more than one occasion.
  10. Didn’t have the video in May on the Summit. I think we were in the wine cellar for muster. It went quickly.
  11. I keep getting a “website down for maintenance” message when I try to sign in.
  12. How about trying to pay and being told by MSC that they are still working on it??? Payment is due next week. Won’t be a happy camper if MSC can’t get it together. I have an invoice but they say they still need to add the military discount—which our invoice includes. Bizarre that they won’t accept either our invoice or payment.
  13. You had my very favorite waiter! Gede is superb! Probably the best waiter we have ever had on a ship. Unobtrusive and attentive.
  14. We had a fun day. Beer, bottled water and soft drinks were provided. I was asked if anything special but I did not care so that was it. I was able to get 10 people from roll call to participate. They added two more people. I am out of town so I can’t quote pricing but it was split among us. I originally chartered and then agree to open it. Lunch was “on your own” at the beachside bar & restaurant. Can’t remember pricing—must not have been outrageous and certainly cheaper and better than the Soggy Dollar. i will try to look up pricing when we get back next week.
  15. On MSC, if you are YC you are in a “suite” with the perks of premium beverage package throughout the ship, thecTSL which offers snacks, etc. all day into th3 evening as well as bar service—and cocktail hour entertainment of fine quality, a restaurant, and butler service. We had internet included. What are you missing on MSC?
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