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  1. We self-disembarked when we were ready to leave and stood in the taxi line for a few minutes, as chemmo mentioned above. If you don't do a tour, such as agathasmum suggested, it's easy to get a taxi. Bon voyage!
  2. For those of you who use Chase Sapphire Reserve as your insurer, please study the Guide to Benefits, last updated 8/26/18. Information regarding emergency evacuation and transportation and repatriation of remains is found on pages 12 through 16. Also check out following section beginning on page 17 regarding the emergency medical and dental benefit. I have found information about Chase Sapphire Reserve insurance to be inconsistent on this forum. Google for the benefits brochure, download it, and study every word. The benefits are quite generous. Bon voyage Betsy
  3. A useful resource for you may be https://www.rome2rio.com/ which will show you options for the information you need. Bon voyage! Betsy
  4. Same here. We were in 3112 a couple of years ago. Great cabin. The extra square footage is sort of a "vestibule" and is relatively useless, but the huge round window is amazing. Also we loved the location, sort of off the beaten path. Bon voyage wherever you end up. Betsy
  5. Hey, Happy Cruiser! Bonifacio (aka Boni) is one of our very fave servers too! Nice to know he's still with =X=. Please tell him Betsy and Mark said hello. He'll have absolutely no idea who you are talking about. Betsy
  6. Thanks 2Long. I'm on a Mac and am familiar with taking a screen shot, which may be the same as "snipping" on a PC. However, it seems to me to be more convenient to click the number of the post and print it or send myself an email to include in my relevant travel file. Hoping that capability will return when the dust settles in the new version.
  7. Oh wow! This is quite a change from the former version of CC. It used to be possible to click on the number of the post in its upper right hand corner (this post should be #4) to bring up a page with only that numbered post. So easy to print out the one page. Too bad that capability no longer seems to be available. Betsy
  8. Let's not leave out Hyperion Knight, a wonderful classical pianist we heard on the Millennium several years ago. His website indicates he's abdicated Celebrity for Seabourn.
  9. Thanks so much for the link to the three parts thread. That's where I'll start the research. You're correct dani, it is an expensive cruise, so I do want to do it right. We're aboard the Millennium at the moment. Is there anything I need to be aware of if we decide to book on while on board?
  10. Just getting started planning a cruise to the Galapagos. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Which ship? Which route? Which season? Any tips? We're seasoned =X= sailors who have no clue about the best way to organize this trip.
  11. Seeing whales was amazing! A once in a lifetime experience. Kudos to the captain for letting us know. Betsy
  12. Thanks, Jim and Iain, for stopping the Millennium in Vancouver yesterday to pick us up. Looking forward to connecting with you on board. Betsy
  13. Hi Jim. Pulling up a chair here in (overcast) Sunnyvale. Looking forward to meeting you and Iain when we board the Millennium in Vancouver for the crossing. Will be following your Alaska adventure until then. Bon voyage, Betsy
  14. As Captain's Club Elite Plus members, we enjoy going to the evening cocktail hour. We will be traveling with a couple on an upcoming cruise who are experienced cruisers, but are first-timers on Celebrity. I'm wondering if there's a way they could accompany us to the cocktail hour? Would they be permitted to attend and buy their own drinks? Could my husband and I each take one person as a guest? I'm not trying to do anything that would be against policy, I'm trying to determine what the policy is.
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