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  1. We're doing the same for the April 30 cruise on the Millennium. Betsy
  2. So sorry to hear about your cancellation, Jim and Iain. Hope you can enjoy some Florida sunshine while you're there. My mother always said "bloom where you're planted." I'm reading the =X= cancellation terms. For comparison, my husband and son were supposed to fly to San Diego early tomorrow morning to board a HAL ship for a seven-night RT cruise to Mexico. The cruise was cancelled late this afternoon. HAL is offering a full refund of the cruise fare. Because the cruise was cancelled so close to departure, each guest is also receiving an FCC equal to the base cruise fare paid for the cancelled cruise. In addition, there is an application form to recover any airline change fees incurred. This seems to be much more generous than the =X= offer. Just sayin'.
  3. Good morning from Sunnyvale! Wishing you and Iain a wonderful trip in warm and sunny climes. Will be following your posts. We're expecting four days of (much needed) rain here, so I plan to remain self-quarantined and enjoy a book (or two). Hoping our Seattle to Alaska trip at the end of April sails as scheduled. Betsy
  4. Agreed! We're booked on this cruise also, and won't cancel unless =X= does. Trying to remain optimistic, but it's hard. Betsy
  5. We're booked in one of those sought-after cabins on our 11-night cruise RT from Seattle to Alaska in late April. It's one of the cruises on the Millennium, which returned to the US from Asia early due to the coronavirus. Amazed to find the cabin available and was so looking forward to kicking back and watching the wake. However, the cruise will probably be cancelled. 😪
  6. Submitted a request on line about 10 days ago, received no confirmation from RCCL that the request was received, then noticed that I received the credit about five days after submission when I happened to check my booking confirmation. Betsy
  7. Have no idea about first responder cruises requiring a call at a foreign port. Sorry for the confusion. Reporting in that I did receive shareholder credit for this cruise. Notified by an emailed updated booking confirmation this morning. Not immediately evident why they'd suddenly sent another confirmation, but on close observation, noted the $100 OBC.
  8. Victoria? I'm assuming that Canada's ports are considered foreign.
  9. We grabbed the April 30 RT Seattle to Alaska. A1 Aft cabin on deck 11 at a fantastic price! Hoping that the cold weather will keep the noise down in the Sunset bar below us and the outdoor movie venue above us. Thanks for the roll call information, Beav. Will check again in a few days.
  10. Mushroom soup, usually offered on the first night, is superb. Also love the breadsticks, ice cream (rum raisin, peanut butter, fruit sorbets), creme brulee, most lamb dishes, cookies from Al Bacio. Wish I were aboard right now!
  11. We have not ever had a cruise ripped out from under us. Did have one on day 2 of a 15 day cruise announce that we would not visit any of the 3 ports in Mexico. This was 2009 after the H1N1 health threat. Hard to argue about that though. Went to San Diego for 1/2 day, Catalena Island for day and arrived in San Francisco a day early and got to tour SF and then sleep onboard before disembarking on our scheduled day. We were on that cruise too, Sam. Very disappointing to miss the Mexico ports. The H1N1 threat eventually turned out to be of little consequence. Our overnight in SF was magical though, warm and clear with a full moon. Unusually good weather for San Francisco.
  12. What?? You and Iain are sailing again?! Leaving us behind in soggy Sunnyvale 🙂 You're going to be Zenith Plus soon!! Bon voyage Betsy PS: How well I remember those two typhoons
  13. Yikes! Missed the boat (figuratively and maybe literally) for sure. Considering the Apex transatlantic in 2020. I compared a mid-price balcony yesterday/today. The price is up $540 pp! Thought about phoning the big box yesterday to book and didn't follow up. Sigh.
  14. Heads up! Some Medicare plans DO cover urgent and/or emergency medical treatment outside the US. Our Advantage coverage is worldwide. YMMV.
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