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  1. stazerd

    Disappointing meals on Brilliance...

    I was on the same sailing as OP. We ate in the dining room twice, both times my daughter enjoyed her entrees but on the first night I was disappointed in mine. Also ate lunch in the dining room on the first sea day, and that meal was fine. Food is very subjective, agreed. The coffee shop was often slammed but the crew kept up with the orders, I think they did an admirable job. The bars were also very busy, and I found some of the bars had very limited hours. I am of the opinion that I have a better experience on longer cruises.
  2. stazerd

    Tropical Storm Michael

    Same here, live in the area. But my daughter is flying in from St Louis on Wednesday to join me on this cruise. Hoping for the best.
  3. Ditto. I have never had a problem with My Time Dining, on any size ship. Once or twice, got lucky and loved the wait staff at our first table and requested the same table every night. Have always been accomodated. Brilliance is a wonderful ship.
  4. stazerd

    No excursion, just walk around with family

    My daughter and I will be in Cozumel, her first visit, next month. I've not been to Panchos so thank you very much for this suggestion. Have been to the Money Bar and Nachi so looking for something else.
  5. oh my AP Calc! I'm an IB Calc teacher, so I know what you are going through! Have some fun and get some rest…..study lots and you will do great!
  6. I'd be happy to do that for you…I will probably need a reminder to post. Maybe you could re-post and remind me when my cruise is over!
  7. I will be boarding as you are leaving! Also spring break for me (teacher here!), also tampa/st pete area (clearwater area actually). Hope you enjoy your week and then go back to studying for those AP exams!
  8. stazerd

    Harmony Of The Seas

    Yes, in fact you can see the menu for the entire week all at once. Just got off Harmony this morning. It is a great ship.
  9. stazerd

    Live From Silhouette – 11/5 TransAtlantic

    Was wondering if you are seeing any sign of decorating for the holidays? Believe me, I am not rushing the season, but I will be on the Thanksgiving week cruise and I've seen a tree or two up in previous years, same week of the year. Hope you are having a great time!
  10. stazerd

    Live From Silhouette – 11/5 TransAtlantic

    Beautiful photos! Thank you so much. I have been on the Silhouette once and I am looking forward to being back on board soon! Could you tell me if there is a World Bar? (not sure that is the right name, but whatever has taken the place of the Molecular Bar?)
  11. stazerd

    Weather and temperature in October

    I am 55 days or so before departing on my first river cruise and I am obsessing about what to pack. I live in Florida, too, so as you know my wardrobe does not involve a lot of warm clothing. Leggings are acceptable daywear, for touring? What about evenings onboard? Ocean cruising has been my experience so far, so I am at a loss on what to wear on a river cruise. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. stazerd

    Bars on the Silhouette?

    Subscribing to this thread! We are on the Nov 20th cruise on the Silhouette, my second cruise on this ship. Love the Sunset Bar on the Summit. (Hello Clearwater people, I'm in Dunedin!)
  13. stazerd

    All Things Avalon

    Just found this thread after booking our first Avalon cruise, first river cruise. We are going on Tapestry II, same as you I think, but at the end of October. I may have lots of questions for you upon your return!