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  1. I received money back from prepaid excursions a few weeks ago. We cancelled the cruise in April. The cruise was for mid-August. I had called in early June wondering about the refund and they told me then that they were refunding in order of the cruise date.
  2. I really enjoyed watching this video. Thank you for posting.
  3. I've had this happen on two separate cruises. For one cruise, we re-fared very close to sailing. We lost some OBC but overall it was a win for us. My cruise personalizer said I had money due on excursions and I was able to pay online. I had checked the same date that my travel agent re-fared us. I was concerned as some excursions had sold out and prices had gone up, but my "reservations' for the excursions were there and the lower prices I had originally booked still applied. Then the second time this happened we re-fared way before final payment but after I had used OBC an
  4. We did a connoisseur tour in 2015 (stays in Fairbanks Princess Lodge, McKinley Lodge, Denali Lodge and Kenai Lodge). We did have what appeared to be the best views/orientations (ie, over scenic areas, not the parking lots..).
  5. Also the daily menus for the main dining rooms are posted from in the morning outside the buffet area and there are usually menus outside of the main dining rooms by the afternoon, so you can check ahead of time what is being served in the main dining room each evening. If the buffet has any special "theme" for the evening that will be listed in the daily Patter.
  6. Thanks for the comments. We signed up for the GOA-150 one (clearly says lunch on your own). I wish Princess would be clearer on some of their excursion descriptions. With the new format, some of the info is not all listed.
  7. We were on the Dec. 4th, three night cruise, on the Sky. It was our first as Elite. We did not get an upgraded toiletry kit. Being our first Elite cruise we did not think about it. I can't comment on your other questions.
  8. We mostly would change (to either nicer casual or formal if formal night) but we did have one night when we got back very close to dinner time from an excursion and I only changed to nicer shoes for dinner and we went more casual. It was no problem. It is not "hot" there so you are not coming back from a long day out in the sun. We noticed a few days others did the same. You will see people in a lot of clothing depending upon what they did for the day or what excursion they are on. One other night we came back too late for our early traditional dining and we went to the buffet in our "tr
  9. Hello, I have called Princess and get a different answer depending upon who I talk to with my shore excursion question. Next summer we are on a cruise that stops in Genoa, and we want to go to Milan to see the city and "The Last Supper". Princess has two excursions GOA 150 ("Milan and Da Vinci's Last Supper") and GOA 165 ("Da Vinci's Last Supper and Milan"). Both are 9 hours (although one leaves 1/2 hour earlier in the morning). GOA 165 is $30 more. I don't mind the extra money necessarily, but if anyone has done either of these can you advise of the details? The best I can
  10. We did this trip this summer (minus Kirkwall) and had two days in Dublin. If you are looking for private tour recommendations, in Guernsey, we used Mike's Taxi tours (private guide) who I found on Trip Advisor and he was EXCELLENT! (Mike Mauger). taxitours@cwgsy.net. In Cobh, we did use Princess to go to Blarney Castle (the grounds were beautiful even though we did not stand in line to kiss the stone) and had time to shop at Blarney Wollen Mills. We then walked around Cobh on our own when the ship got back. Princess was good for that stop and we thought the excu
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