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  1. Good advice! We are just off Adventure and we had to constantly go to the desk to find our pictures. They were never in my package (Adventure doesn't print them out, not sure about other ships, They are all on the Kiosk). This really wasted a lot of time. Some of my pictures never showed up at all - I am still in communication with both Royal and the photo company trying to solve this but it doesn't look good. We did go to the desk and go through the pics with a staff member and they still didn't show up.
  2. All Aboard was 5:30. We got in line about 4:10 and stepped on the ship at 5:30. There were at least 2 tenders (maybe more) behind us and the tender boats were whale watching ships that hold a lot of people. We dressed in sundresses or capris and nice shirts for both dinner and excursions. We only needed sweatshirts or long pants to go outside at night and sea days.
  3. It was cold nights and both sea days for us but the good news is Summer does come to the NorthEast and hopefully by the time you go it will be there. Lifeguards were in long pants and jackets. Nights were cold and windy- they had movies but no one watching them. Some nights there were people in the hot tubs. On the last sea day, I think the temp hit 66 (There were snow flurries all morning) and a few people used the slides and flowrider. Ports were very nice for sight seeing - It was sunny and low 70 in Bar Harbor and St John. Halifax was cooler. You will have warmer weather!
  4. We don't sail directly past it but you can see it very well all day while you are at port and sailing out. Go up to deck 11 and there she is looking beautiful with the skyline in the back. Also, I suggest you go up to the front and up as high as you can ( I think it is 12 in the front) while you go under the bridge on sailaway. I have done it a few times and am still in awe as we go under. The ship just barely fits and it is amazing to watch. My sister got some amazing sunrise pictures coming into to port on the last day as we came under the bridge.
  5. You can send one person down to get the tender tickets for the whole group and then just wait for your number to be called which didn't take long. If you are lucky enough to be one of the last ones on the tender, it is a short process. If you are one of the first, it takes at least a half hour to load the tender. I would give it an hour to be safe. We had a private tour and were a little late but he had told us to take our time and he would wait.
  6. A couple of us used Voom but most of the time we didn't carry our phones with us. Even if one or two in the group have it, it makes it easier to connect. 3 couples had rooms right next to each other and the other 2 were on the same floor. Easy to leave a note on the door if needed. It was surprising how we always found each other, but we did with little effort. Port days we always had a meeting place. We also had a meeting place for a before dinner drink (when we had time). After dinner we always had a plan A and plan B and always found each other. It was nice to escape our phone addiction for a week.
  7. I purchased the package and I get the digital prints with a release so anyone in my pictures can have them. If I (or my husband) wasn't in the pics, then they had to buy them themselves. We did not find facial recognition or giving the room number to work well. We had to keep going to the desk to find our pictures. Make sure you don't wait till the last day to do this. This was happening to everyone in our group (not just the ones who bought a package). If you don't buy the package, you will find the watermark on all your photos which makes it annoying if you are one to check your eye, smile and teeth etc carefully. Some of the pictures I went through the hassle of finding, were never put in my package. This system really needs to improve. I had the package on my last 2 Celebrity cruises and did not have the same problem and I think they use the same company.
  8. Formal night was day 2 and it was the only one. Day 5 was Lobster night but not formal. ( we just went to the National Parks in Utah in April - Soo Beautiful!)
  9. Just off Adventure 6 night Canada/NE Cruise. We were cruising with my mom and dad and 3 siblings and our spouses (10 people) to celebrate Mom’s 80th birthday. This was my 17th cruise, 7th RC and 4th on Voyager class. Embarkation and debarkation were as easy as could be. Sailed out of Bayonne a number of years ago and it definitely wasn’t that easy then. The staff was great! From start to finish, I felt they went out of their way to please like on no other ship I have recently been on. My dad and mom checked in at the assembly drill and right away a crew member escorted them and the 2 others they were with to a lounge to sit for the drill instead of standing outside. Throughout the crew they went over and above to make this a special birthday cruise for my mom. When we had a celebration in the Blue Moon, the staff was right there to help prepare for the surprise. One day, my sister asked for a drink, not realizing the bar wasn’t opened yet and the bartender getting ready to open asked her what she wanted and said he would go to a different bar to get it for her. Examples like this happened all week with the smiling and friendly staff. I felt the ship was beautiful, It has been awhile since I have been on a ship with a promenade and I still say WOW every time I look at it. I was on the Adventure 12 years ago and they have made many changes my now adult children would have loved back then when they were on it. If you are looking for scratches and stains, you might find them. If you are there to enjoy, you, like me, won’t notice any signs of wear and tear. We enjoyed the main dining room. First time with early seating and is definitely an adjustment and possibly why I felt more crowded. When we have late seating, many people are sleeping by the time we got out so the ship felt emptier. Dinners were good, service was good. I was very impressed with the desserts - very good! We did go to Chops one night and Giovanni’s one night. They were both exceptional. We went to Giovanni’s the last night and would have probably gone more if we hadn’t waited so long to try it: Service and food were amazing. My brother and sister in law did a Sushi Making Class on the first sea day. They enjoyed it - If you like Sushi, I recommend it. They made a lot of sushi and then were able to invite the rest of us (who like sushi) to come and eat it with them. They could not bring it out of Izumi due to health restrictions. Other than that, Izumi always seemed empty and really seemed like a waste of space on the busy promenade. Would have been nice to use that as a different venue to scatter the crowds. The Windjammer has been mentioned in another post. Horrible horrible lines on the first day. Others said it always is - 17th cruise and have never seen anything close to this. The line just to get in stretched outside and down deck 11 all day. Possibly because we sailed at 3 so everyone was getting on at the same time? Cafe Promenade was open and later in the day they had hamburgers and hot dogs on the promenade. Not sure if they always do or if that was to help ease the pain of the Windjammer. First sea day was closer to normal crowd at lunch - very crowded but at least not a long line to get in. Just took time to get a seat. Other days were just your normal crowds not bad at all. I love the omelette stations now - you order what you want and they give you a pager and call you when it is ready. Tender at Bar Harbor. They used whale watching boats which were big comfortable, nice and even have bathrooms - but very inefficient. If you were unlucky enough (like me both ways) to be one of the first ones on, it is at least a half hour wait to fill the boat. It took us 1 hr and 20 minutes from the time we got in line at Bar Harbor to the time we stepped on the ship. We enjoyed more shows than we normally do due to the early dinner. We learned quick that you had to get there early. The ice skating is my favorite. We enjoyed Raul on the piano in the Schooner bar. Difficult to get a seat but there is a lot of comfy places to stand with a ledge to put your glass. We all had the drink package. Didn’t work great for me since I am a Chianti drinker and unlike other lines, I was not able to get a glass with the package. The main dining room had a glass for $17 - a bit too much to pay the extra 5 after paying for the drink package. Giovanni’s had Chianti included in the package - if the ship has it, they should have it in more venues. Pictures: We had the picture package. Royal needs to work on their facial recognition system. I had to go to the desk a few times to search for and add my pictures. They were never there. There is a way to look for them at the Kiosk but sometimes we still couldn't find them. I have no idea what pictures we never ended up getting since I wasn't keeping track. Staff was always helpful in trying to find the missing pics. I felt the crowds on this ship more than any other I have been on. We always sail in summer so the extra kids were not a problem although one of the announcers said it was a record number. I feel Royal needs to work on having events to scatter the crowds on ships where the outdoor area isn’t used as it is in hot weather. Our goal when we set out on this cruise was to make mom have an unforgettable birthday celebration and for dad to enjoy himself - RC accomplished both these tasks so it was a great cruise. If I were to go again, I probably wouldn’t head North or wouldn’t have early seating - unless of course Mom and Dad want another celebration!
  10. Just off the 6 night cruise. One formal night on the 2nd night. Lobster night was night 5 but not formal - maybe because we were in port that day until 6 (on board by 5:30) and early dinner starts at 5:30 doesn't leave a lot of time for dressing in our formal best. We went to Chops on the formal night so didn't really see how most people were dressed but a casual observation so a little of everything.
  11. I also just got off the Adventure - 17th cruise, seventh RC and 4th Voyager class. I think what the OP saw was Royal's problem with sailing north. My first 16 cruise went to warm/hot weather. This cruise went North and nights and sea days were very cold and windy. Everyone on the ship was inside. This made all the venues much more crowded than other cruises. This is the first cruise I ever really felt the crowds everywhere. Imagine all that outside area not being used at all and I didn't feel Royal had enough activities to make up for this and scatter the people more. As far as the Windjammer on the first day - the OP's estimate of 25 minutes was generous. When we went the line went outside and stretched down the entire deck. No idea why but definitely not a great way to start a cruise. We did eat in Cafe promenade that day which was less crowded but Royal does need to fix this flaw. We did not eat at the main dining room for lunch on sea days but did see the lines. I am getting my thoughts together for a review of the good the bad and the ugly but besides some minor annoyances most of our experience was great!
  12. We just got off the ship. We usually stopped by the Duck and Dog for at least one drink and listened to the entertainer. I enjoyed the piano man in the Schooner bar. If there is nothing big going on in the Blue Moon, that is a great place to relax and your group could usually all fit together (we were a group of 10) and being able to enjoy some music and still be able to have conversations.
  13. Thanks for the great information - 13 days till we sail! 10 of us going for my Mom's 80th birthday cruise! Looking forward to the Champagne bar, many ships have gotten rid of that and I always find that a relaxing place. Any thoughts on the shows?
  14. Do any recent cruisers on Adventure of the Seas know if they have Chianti by the glass included in the drink package? Also, was there any good bars or entertainment on the ship that you enjoyed? Is there still a chapel on board: we went on the ship years ago when they still had a priest on board but I know most lines do not have a priest and have gotten rid of the chapel. This is our first cruise in years that Sunday is a sea day. Thanks for any answers you have any tips for our upcoming cruise.
  15. ecslady: Are you going to write a review. We are going June 22 and are looking forward to hearing all about it. Formal nights was one question but also wondered: Did you take Canadian money for the ports? Do most places at the ports take credit cards. Did you do anything you recommend on port days? Have been on a lot of Royal ships but not recently - How was the food and service? Anything you loved or didn't love?
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