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  1. Great tips! I am on board right now anchored off Grand Cayman enjoying my morning coffee! It’s a beautiful day! Am in an a partially obstructed balcony on Emerald deck. Lifeboat on bottom half but I don’t mind. It is good to have fresh air. Plan to watch Judy under the stars tonight on MUTS! My 29th Princess Cruise with 3 more booked in the next year. Just recently joined this group and am enjoying it! Go Princess!!
  2. Sure hope so - that will be a long time! πŸš’πŸ˜€β€οΈ
  3. Great! How was the Sky for you? How would you compare it to the Royal or Regal?
  4. Voljeep - Yay! What did you think of the Sky? I will be sailing on the Sky in 3 weeks!
  5. Shortly after the OceanNow drink ordering was launched, the first drink ordered with the app was free. I was able to get my first drink free in Oct on the Crown. Does anyone know if you can still get the first one free? Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone - very helpful information.
  7. If a cruise is cancelled after final payment with no insurance or Princess protection, will the taxes and port fees be refunded? Thanks!
  8. We saw a video on YouTube filmed in a Spa cabin on the NS and it had a tub. Maybe they are only in the Spa cabins?
  9. We leave on Jan 12 on the Nieuw Statendam. We had a VE Verandah guarantee and were given a VQ Spa Verandah 10021. This appears to be an upgrade although I'm not sure these cabins are that much better. We normally prefer cabins toward the back of the ship. Curious for those that have had one of these cabins. Did you like it? What did you like about it? Was it really windy on the verandah while at sea? Is the spa showerhead any better than the regular ones? We have been on the Koningsdam and loved the shower in a regular Verandah cabin. Is there a tub or an enclosed glass shower? Thanks everyone!
  10. Does Holland offer any discounts or onboard credit for veterans? I know that Princess is very generous with OBC for every cruise. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Hank. Great response!
  12. Thanks everyone- You guys (and gals) are great at answering questions!
  13. We have recently been on the Caribbean Princess and Regal Princess. They claim to have the fastest WiFi at sea now with their new MedallionNet. Anyone on this board that has recently cruised on one of those Princess ships and also had internet on the Divina? If so, how did the two compare? I found the Princess speed to be quite good. Thanks.
  14. Will be cruising soon on Divina. I have the option of purchasing 3.5 GB of standard Internet for $74.90 for an 11-night cruise. My questions: 1. 3.5 GB of data translates to how much Internet time? Minutes? Hours? Most cruise lines give a time amount and not GB. 2. Cost of $74.90 for standard Internet for up to 2 devices. So can just one of us purchase the plan, or are both required to purchase? 3. Is the Internet worth having on this ship? Is it terribly slow? Or adequate? Thanks all!
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