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  1. You can use your OBC in the slots. The catch is you need to play through whatever amount you charge to your room before you can cash out any winnings. Before COVID you could do this and almost immediately cash out and walk away with the OBC in cash. They have put a stop to that practice. Or at least that is what the boards are saying. Guess we’ll find out when we get on our first cruise.
  2. According to John Heald, no slot tournaments through August.
  3. Great - Good to hear! I love the fact that we will be near the water.
  4. We just booked a cove balcony on the Horizon (cabin 2370) and doing some research shows we may be under the galley. Have you had a cove balcony near this one? And was the galley noise a problem? We booked this with a casino offer and upgraded to a balcony. The available cove balconies under the galley were all we could choose from for the upgrade price. So I’d love hearing from you if you have had one in this area. Thanks!
  5. Well I hope you’re right. I will be in a Havana cabin in Aug on the Horizon and will find out then. I was going on some of the YouTube videos that mentioned it opening at 7.
  6. I read on another message board that you do not need to put in credit card info when choosing a check-in time. Hope that is true!
  7. Perfect - thanks sooo much! Can’t wait to get on board!
  8. Ok so it seems you can choose your check-in time without giving them all the info. My concern is I want to get an early check-in slot and my cabin mate doesn’t live with me. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to without her being with me. Thanks for your input!
  9. So I have uploaded passport pic and my picture for previous Princess cruises on their app. Is Carnival now doing that as well?
  10. Thanks! Have fun on the Horizon! My cruise in Aug will be my 2nd time on her. A great ship! It has a whole new feel in my opinion. Only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the buffet. Very limited choices for such a large ship. But there are many other options for food.
  11. For those that have checked in for the upcoming Vista sailing, were you required to enter credit card info for onboard expenses during the check-in completion? I have a cruise in Aug on the Horizon and it would be helpful to have an answer. Thanks!
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