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  1. My birthday is off by 1 day as well. Very interesting! Last Princess Cruise was Feb 2020 and next scheduled cruise is late Jan 2021.
  2. Mine was definitely a casino offer from Holland. Received email a couple weeks ago for a free inside cabin on select cruises, along with free play and drinks in casino. I booked a cruise for March 2021. Then late last week I got the email asking for more money on my casino booking. They will not offer this if cruise has been paid in full. They are getting desperate for money to stay afloat!
  3. Good question. I didn’t have any FCCs. Mine was a casino offer for a free inside, but by the time you upgrade to upgrade to a balcony, pay taxes and port fees, along with $200 per person deposit, it ends up being anything but free. They are doing this to get money up front so they can stay afloat (pun intended!).
  4. Not in this case. The cheapest upcharge for any balcony was $599 per person with an 11-night Caribbean cruise. Now the amt may be tied to your past gambling record, and I am not a big gambler. We did switch to a 7-night and the upcharge for a balcony was $399 which we took.
  5. I got the offer as well. I only owe $240 since it was a casino offer and my share of the Cruise price was low. We paid an additional $399 each to upgrade to a balcony for a cruise in late March 2021 on the Eurodam. So if I take option 3, we will get 10% off plus $250 OBC added. That brings our OBC to $650. The offer says OBC cannot be used for gratuities. It was always included in the past. Not too happy about that!
  6. I received this offer and all I can say is be careful, very careful. My offer was for a free inside with $100 free play and drinks in the casino. I called and booked an 11-night out of Ft Laud for March 2021. The offer said upgrades available. Ocean view from $99 and Veranda from $199. I obviously didn’t pay attention to the word ‘from’ and asked to be upgraded to a veranda thinking it would be an extra $199 per person, and the agent I booked with had the same understanding during our conversation. Well, they made up the booking and included an upcharge of $599 per person for the veranda! Plus we had to pay $200 each for the deposit to be returned as OBC on the sailing, plus taxes and port fees. The total had to be paid at the time of booking. I failed to have the veranda upcharge clarified and told the agent to go ahead with the charge (big mistake!). After seeing the numbers on the booking confirmation, my husband said no way are we paying that much for a veranda upcharge, so I tried to cancel the booking to find we would not get back $238 of our money as that amount was not refundable. Since we didn’t want to lose that amt, we switched to a 7-night with an upcharge of $399 per person for the veranda, which I feel is still too much. But my husband wanted to be able to have fresh air in the cabin with all this virus stuff going on. So for a 7-night Cruise, we ended up having to pay $1746. Would you consider that a free cruise? Sorry for the length of this but I wanted to explain everything. Lesson learned for me!
  7. Thanks for your replies. Very helpful. I will be getting the amount paid to insure my deposit back from John Hancock. I do need to email them my cancellation notification from Princess along with my booking confirmation showing that the deposit was paid and that it was fully refundable. The folks at John Hancock were great! Another good thing about them is you can insure just your deposit in order to get the preexisting conditions waived and then when you make final payment, call them and increase your coverage and pay any additional amount due. Not many allow for that.
  8. I know I can get my answer by calling the travel insurance company, but am curious to hear your responses. We have 2 cruises booked for next year that we plan to cancel. We purchased outside travel insurance just for the deposit amount to be able to waive existing medical conditions with the intent of adding to it after making final payment. The two cruises are with Princess and the deposits are fully refundable. So would we get a refund from the travel insurance company since the trip will be cancelled and we won’t be turning in a claim to recover our deposits? My assumption is No. Thanks for your input.
  9. Great tips! I am on board right now anchored off Grand Cayman enjoying my morning coffee! It’s a beautiful day! Am in an a partially obstructed balcony on Emerald deck. Lifeboat on bottom half but I don’t mind. It is good to have fresh air. Plan to watch Judy under the stars tonight on MUTS! My 29th Princess Cruise with 3 more booked in the next year. Just recently joined this group and am enjoying it! Go Princess!!
  10. Sure hope so - that will be a long time! 🚢😀❤️
  11. Great! How was the Sky for you? How would you compare it to the Royal or Regal?
  12. Voljeep - Yay! What did you think of the Sky? I will be sailing on the Sky in 3 weeks!
  13. Shortly after the OceanNow drink ordering was launched, the first drink ordered with the app was free. I was able to get my first drink free in Oct on the Crown. Does anyone know if you can still get the first one free? Thanks!
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