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  1. Just received an email today from P and O to say my refund is being put back on my credit card. Dear oh dear people are still waiting for their refunds and I'm getting mine twice!!. Think I will tell them, if in fact it does reach my credit card, that they must claim it back within the 7 to 14 days time period that we were meant to get our refunds!!
  2. Money now back on card, hurray!! Just go to get it transferred to bank account and that will be an end to this long awaited refund. Hope everyone else on this cruise has got their refund or had notification its on its way. Happy holidays to when ever and where ever we can go next.
  3. I sent a message last night to Sarah Wing and this morning received a reply saying my refund went through on 20 May so now waiting for it to reach my credit card. Hope everyone else is at long last being paid - I had to wait 66 days!
  4. Received e-mail this morning saying mine was processed on 20 May so hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be back on card some time soon. Will be so pleased when this is finally received.
  5. Today I spoke to P and O. Was assured our claim is being dealt with as they are doing them in date order. I stressed we are now well over 60 days and was told our claim is with Refunds and we should hear by end of week. Was also told we will get an e-mail once the payment is on its way, in my case to my credit card. The lady I spoke to was most apologetic, said there had been problems and hopefully this was now addressed. The call took less than 5 minutes - lets just hope there is an end in sight!!! Will let you know once I see it on my credit card.
  6. After what seemed for ever and having heard nothing I too completed a claim form. Do you think when they eventually pay us we'll get two payments - would be very happy just to have one!!!! It's now well over 60 days and patience is wearing thin!
  7. Thanks for above. Now getting a bit ridiculous - think I'll try phoning them on Monday. I still cannot understand why some people on this cruise have had their refunds but seems the majority of us have not, maybe it may be something to do with "he who shouts loudest ..."
  8. Beginning to feel frustrated now, particularly when I read others have received their refunds and seem were on later cruises than us. Will give until end of week - when 60 days will have passed - and then think stronger words to the powers that be.
  9. Will certainly share, in fact (when being the operative word) will gladly sing from the rooftops !!
  10. Lovely - glad to hear there is movement on that cruise at long last. Makes me feel a bit more hopeful about getting my refund as we were on the same cruise.
  11. We were on the same cruise and, like you, are still waiting. The refunds are so say being dealt with in date order and if that is the case then surely we would have been the first to receive the refund. Let's hope it's not too much longer.
  12. I was on a cruise that had to terminate - 21 March - and still awaiting refund. I know some people on same cruise have received their refund but not all of us - so seems completely random.
  13. Try up on Plymuff Hoe - seems people are doing that !!!!
  14. Anyone heard anything yet with regard to refund?
  15. Not yet - if you see posts above it could be 45 days - also says that if you look at their website. At least we're safe and can't go out to spend the refund!
  16. My memory was the same- 7 days for credit/debit cards! However, as we are going to get a full refund it is understandable if it's over the original time estimate when they've got so many matters to deal with. I think we were well looked after by P and O and cannot criticise their handling of our situation. The main thing is we all got back safe and sound and now the icing on the cake will be having the money back in our accounts.
  17. We were on that cruise too and are awaiting the refund. As a matter of interest have you got your refund yet? Shame cruise had to be terminated but better safe than sorry
  18. Thanks for letting us know, particularly as we are due on her later this week. Hope you had a good cruise.
  19. JH my feelings as well, I got a bit alarmed as we too are on the cruise leaving next week going to Norway.
  20. And don't forget you can take liquids on in the form of wines, spirits etc - I think 1 bottle for each person 😊😊😊
  21. Thanks for your reply
  22. Is there any way I can find out who will be the captain on the sailing on 11 March 2020 on Aurora?
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