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  1. Following. We've booked this cabin too for the Dubai to Singapore spice route in 2021. I do know that it is right next to the new Spice H2O (right next to the entrance doors) and there are deck chairs and tables above on Deck 11. According to previous reviews, it was very quiet at night but that was when the kids water park and slides were located there instead of Spice H2O.
  2. Great start Ak4n3, can't wait to read the rest!! Glad I was able to help you out some. "Popsie is a bit creaky"...I love it! I can see Lady Trip starting to say that about me pretty soon! Cheers, Trip
  3. Hi Newtocruise2011, Sorry, it took me so long to respond, I just returned from our land vacation to Kauai. I didn't post too many pics of the ship or the room since so many of already been posted in other reviews. With that said, is there something in particular that you are looking for? I can see if I have it, and I would be happy to post them for you. Let me know! Cheers, Trip
  4. Hi Clairescurtains, I'm so glad you enjoyed my review and I appreciate you recommending it to others. You are going to love this cruise! We want to go back on it so bad. Have a great time and happy sailings! Cheers, Trip
  5. Hey jc4me, I'm glad you had an awesome time on the cruise. Isn't that drive up the Klondike Highway incredible?! I'm still amazed that I never drove the car off the road gawking at all of the incredible scenery! So happy my review was helpful for you. Cheers, Trip
  6. Whenever I've been fairly close to the US border in Canada, I've never had a problem using USD, but like Auralee said, they will always give you change in CAD and the FX rate will not be favorable. On this particular trip, we only used our credit card which had very favorable FX rates and does not change conversion fees. Also, please note that there are very FEW places along the highway for food. This is a very rural route that is extremely scenic but very lacking in amenities. Your best bet for food is in Carcross. We stopped at a little cafe there, just off the highway. Excellent sandwiches!
  7. LOL, yeah, bringing the parents back in one piece is a pretty solid plan! I'm so glad to you enjoyed my review and have found it helpful. The great thing with Tutshi, you don't have to take the dog sled tour to play with the pups. But note, the dog sled tour is pretty easy going for the passengers. It's not a wild ride or dangerous in any way. If I remember correctly, you can sit or stand in the sled. We choose to stand. Sitting would be just fine for them. Something to think about if you'd (or they) are interested. Have fun and smooth sailings!
  8. Hi Amy, You don't need to reserve in advance. We just showed up and asked for the sledding tour. We stopped there in the morning on our way out instead of waiting for our return trip back to Skagway. Some of the tour companies are now starting to send their tours there instead of to Caribou Crossing in Carcross. We made plenty of photo stops on the way there but we wanted to get there fairly early (shortly after they opened). You'll love it at Tutshi. The dogs were awesome (tons of puppies, how can you not love that?!), the scenery is incredible and the folks working there and running the place were super nice and very informative. We never felt like we were at a tourist stop. It really felt exactly what it was: basically, we were dropping by and hanging out with the dogs and to learn and help out training a sledding team prepare for the winter racing season. The whole car ride into the Klondike was the highlight of the trip for me. Absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again!
  9. Hi Auralee, Wow! Now that's some dedication to reading!! I hope a few margaritas were involved in that long session! Thank you so much for the kind words on my review, I'm really glad you liked it. We were so happy to have found Eagle Wings, they were truly a class act! Most of the activities that go on during a regular Caribbean cruise still go on during an Alaskan cruise but they do tend be a bit more subdued if you will. But the Hairy Chest Contest was still pretty rowdy (ended up having great weather that day too!). You can certainly repost my photos provided you do not edit them or remove my signature from them. Thank you for asking, I really do appreciate that!! Cheers and smooth sailings! Trip
  10. Hey amypintx, Thank you for the kind words! We absolutely LOVED doing the Klondike drive ourselves. Super easy to do and so much better seeing things on your terms not 80 other people's terms! We used Murray's Guide to the South Klondike. Very helpful and informative. Just do a Google search for it. I bought the paid version and downloaded it and took it with us. You can do it without the guide but there is so much info in there and it's only a few bucks so I would highly recommend getting it. Plus it gave us some places that are off the beaten path and wouldn't see from the road. I would suggest booking the rental car soon as they do sell out when the cruise ships come in. And using your savings to book with Island Wings in Ketchikan is GENIUS!! Have fun and smooth sailings! Cheers, Trip
  11. Hi JC4ME, we did not change over any money into Canadian. I was planning on stopping at an ATM to pull some Canadian out put it turns out we didn't need to. Many places will take USD but you will get CAD for change and the exchange rate won't be the greatest. I used my Amex card which has favorable FX rates and minimal fees for the exchange so it worked out great for us. I so glad to hear that my review has been helpful for you! Have fun and enjoy your cruise!!
  12. Hey Cruisegirl70, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, I really appreciate it! Glad you liked my review and you are going to have a blast on your cruise to Alaska. It's pretty flippin' hard to NOT have a great time there! We sailed with Eagle Wing Tours. They have a large office right at Fisherman's Wharf, pretty hard to miss. We sailed on their vessel, "Wild 4 Whales", it was a great boat that had both indoor and outdoor seating and you were even able to go up to the helm and hang out with the captain. We had an awesome time with them and highly recommend them!
  13. Hey, what’s crack-a-lackin’ everyone?! Trippingpara here, but you can just call me Trip. My DW and I have just returned from our cruise to the fantastically unbelievable, the unfathomable, the implausible, the incredible and the downright insanely beautiful state of Alaska and the Inner Passage. We had the pleasure of spending 8 days sailing on the newly refurbished Carnival Legend roundtrip from Seattle. I believe this will now be my fifth review here on CC. Man, am I getting salty or what?! Oh wait…nope, never mind, that’s just the rim of my margarita glass! Any ways, hopefully you’ll enjoy this review and be able to dredge some useful tidbits from it. If you know who I am or have read any of my other reviews, then you already know that this review will be long and will have more images than Motley Crue’s photographic collection of groupies. Unfortunately, our photos will not have the wild and crazy debauchery of theirs, but ours are pretty freakin’ awesome just the same - in a boring, PG kind of way. Sorry guys and gals, those R rated photos have exclusive rights only. However, for a small fee of… Ahh…wait…hold on… I’m getting a vicious stink eye from DW. Okay, nope. Nevermind, they’re not for sale. Speaking of photos, I’m currently attending the Rhode Island School of Design. It’s supposed to be one of the nation’s premier art schools but come to think of it, I’m not sure how the heck I was able to get accepted there! Apparently, their standards must have plummeted since that last ranking! Nonetheless, that means I don’t go anywhere without a camera in my hands. In fact, since I happen to be lucky enough to have two hands, I usually have at least two cameras in my possession at any given moment. Of course, that’s not counting the ubiquitous cell phone/camera that is permanently glued into everyone’s hands. Well, enough of that crap, now where was I?....Ah yes, per my normal reviews, it will be broken up into two distinct areas: the first part will be a Cliff Notes version highlighting some of the main topics and areas of the Legend followed by a day by day diary style format discussing the port and events of the day in detail. The plethora of pictures will be in the diary area so please feel free to skip right to that area if you’re not much of a reader. As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I write these reviews to try and give back just a fraction of all the help and assistance that I have received from others’ reviews and comments here on Cruise Critic. DISCLAIMER: This review is a compilation of opinions from my DW and me. Mostly me, but occasionally I listen to my DW too. The statements made in this review are simply our opinions and views of what took place during our vacation and should carry absolutely no weight or value on how you may or may not feel about these things. If you do not like my opinions or heavens forbid, take offense to them, well…too bad, because quite frankly…my “Gives a Crap” meter doesn’t appear to be working, so please feel free to bugger off and pound sand. If you feel that strongly about it, write your own review and pontificate to your little heart’s desire there! Sound good? Out-freakin-standing! Now let’s get it on!
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