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  1. Does changing your EZ Air booking affect your cruise promo? There is currently an EZ Air sale going on. I have already booked a cruise for next summer under the Sip n Sail promo. I don’t want to lose that promo. I have already reserved flexible flights for this cruise (not part of any promotion). But if i see a lower air fare i want to be sure I don’t lose my Sip n Sail promo
  2. There are waaaay too many whiners. We are all very lucky to be cruising at all. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that.
  3. Same question for Melbourne please?
  4. We are booked on a cruise for next summer and have reserved flexible flights on EZ Air. This is the first time we have used them. How do I check if prices go down on EZ Air? I have been doing it just using a "saved cruise" (not my actual booking) and checking the pricing compared to what I have so far. Would I get different pricing if I actually went to my booking? But how do you do that, I just want to compare pricing, I don't want to screw it up and lose my original EZ Air booking!
  5. Geez some if you guys need to relax. I think it was nice of the OP to just explain a situation that people can be aware of in the future. This site is all about info sharing to help others
  6. I see a couple different groups that do this. One called I’m Free Tours green shirts and another one Free Tours Sydney orange shirts. Any recommendations for one over the other? Same question for Melbourne
  7. Do you need to pack a corkscrew and wine bottle stopper plug or can one borrow from the steward?
  8. Agree with above. ACT was great, good commentary along the way. Efficient. Less $$ than Princess
  9. We are doing a Princess E Caribbean cruise june 2020
  10. Std balcony Eastern Caribbean cruise next june. Just quoting was he told me
  11. I should clarify the refundable price was $50 PER PERSON higher than the non refundable. $100 per cabin.
  12. I checked with Princess and the refundable fare for my booking on the 3 for free promo was $50 higher than the non refundable fare on the Website
  13. That is how it worked for me
  14. If you book for Sunday night you will be charged for that night in addition to whatever other nights you are staying. Check in is usually not until 2 pm or later but most hotels will let you drop off your luggage and store if you want to go walk around or do something in town until check in time
  15. Ok thank you. Sounded scary to me LOL. Yes it’s a single ticket
  16. Just noticed my mid day domestic flight next February in SYD has just a 45 minute connection time. Flying from MEL to SYD then connecting to flight to CNS. All on Virgin Australia. Is that enough time?
  17. Shoot. I loved their martini menu!
  18. Hi - anyone on here purchased ground tickets in the past? I know public sale of all tickets starts in October. But do ground tickets ever get sold out? Are we safe to wait to purchase ground tickets (not the big stadiums) until the day of? We will be there the first week of the tournament
  19. Yup it now shows on the American website. But isn’t letting me pick seats yet? and another question...what about checked bag fees? When i book direct with American i get a couple free checked bags. But on EZ Air site it says does not include checked bag fees?
  20. I tried again today and this time the booking went through at the original price without getting inflated right at the end. I have a booking number (American Airlines). How long does it take for the airline to show the booking on their website?
  21. I understand prices going up and down. But once notified price had increased, i backed out and started over. Same original (lower) price for the same flights showed. I confirmed it and again it came back with a higher price. Feels like a bait and switch maneuver
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