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  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one having issues with the website. I can't even get logged in. I get the same error message mentioned above. Luckily I'm not sailing until 2019 but it's still annoying! Hope they get it fixed soon.


    They changed the requirements for passwords. Now you need at least 8 characters and 1 number. I had to change my password to log in. Once I got in, they only listed one of our 3 upcoming cruises. I had to retrieve the other two. I still cannot get into my cruise planners. Luckily, we already printed everything necessary for our April 7th cruise.

  2. We received a reply from RCI to our email. It doesn't sound like anything too alarming is going on...


    "Our records indicate that you are confirmed for the Navigator of the Seas sailing January 19, 2018. It is currently listed as a 9 Night Southern Caribbean cruise. Occasionally the team that handles inventory may swap cruises off the website in the system in order to perform maintenance."


    Our TA emailed me today and she says that they may be trying to decide whether or not to switch the itinerary. Adventure of the Seas apparently has a very similar itinerary on their 7 day cruise. I just wish they'd let us know one way or the other.

  3. Well, got the first couple of pages of the book done. We don't have anything going on again today so I will be able to work on it again.


    I got the couple of pre-cruise days done, so today I get to start with the beautiful Serenade.......................




    So far, after 11 cruises, the one that has been my favorite so far has been on Serenade. The ports were fantastic (southern caribbean), excursions amazing, and the people we sailed with were unforgettable.

  4. OK, I have two photos I am going to try to share


    Not having any luck. I have them in webshots. I going into a new post and click the paperclick. Hit upload from URL and I copy and paste the web address from webshots. Is this correct??


    I do it a little differently. 1)I click on my webshots photo 2) select "link to it" on the right 3) select 600 for photo size 4) highlight the last of the 3 choices for copy/pasting (to a forum) 5) then copy/paste it into the new post on cruise critic.

  5. Robin - thanks for the info. I already have the 18-55mm kit lens and a 55-200mm lens. What I was looking for is one lens that can replace both of those so I can avoid having to switch lenses, especially while on vacation. I can get an 18-200mm lens for about half the price, but it doesn't have the VR feature and at zoom ranges I think that would be a very useful feature. Hey, it's only money....now, if I only had more.... :rolleyes:


    I totally hear ya about only wanting to carry one lens. My D90 came with the 18 - 105 and I know I want more zoom. I love taking nature and wildlife photos and the folks told me that I'd be happier with the 70 - 300mm. I'm resigned to the fact that I'll probably have to use one lens for inside the cruise ship, and the other for outside. I just know that I'll love the higher zoom. My present lens does have VR and you're right, you'll want it. I'm hoping to get the 70 -300mm by the time our April cruise rolls around.

  6. I have the Nikon D40 and I love it. My next purchase is going to be the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. It should replace both of my current lenses and I'd love to be able to only carry one lens instead of two.


    Has anyone on here used the Nikon 18-200mm AF VR lens? If so, what is your opinion of it?




    Bryan...the 18 - 200mm has gotten a lot of nice reviews. Having said that, I just got a D90 for Christmas and was thinking of getting the 18 - 200mm to up my zoom and folks on the boards convinced me to get the 70 - 300mm instead. It's less expensive, too!! Might want to check it out and see if it's something you'd like.

  7. I recall that recent field experiments have shown that inside the Kelvin wake of a moving ship there can be two soliton-like envelopes, which extend to a long distance behind the ship. The source mechanism of these solitons has so far been attributed to the steady advance of a ship. In this note we suggest that ship oscillations, induced by ambient sea waves, provide a more plausible explanation for the initiation. Reducing the two-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation to a simple form, we use existing theories to predict the wave envelopes in the far wake of a travelling ship in heave or pitch oscillations. While available data are insufficient to give a conclusive check of the theory, qualitative relevance can not be discounted.


    Way too early for me to digest all that...and it's almost noon!! In fact, I'm not sure I'll ever understand it, no matter what time of day it is :o

  8. Here are a few other of my favorites:




    A rough sail home from Bermuda on Grandeur of the Seas





    I sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas from Baltimore and we were trailing a hurricane and this is almost the way the pool looked, except the water did not quite come that far out of the pool (it was contained by the wall). There also were passengers in the pool. :eek: It was scary. My nieces and nephew as well as the other kids in the pool thought it was a lot of fun to be lifted up out of the pool by the water. The staff ended the pool party before anyone got hurt.


    They eventually drained the water out of the pool since the splashing was causing folks to slip and fall on the deck area. At one point, they advised folks to stay indoor as the wind was fierce. It was rather exciting, I must say :D

  9. Warped? I don't know about that. I thought it was FUN! It was rough enough to rock us to sleep at night but taking a shower was a challenge and things kept moving around in the dining room. :eek: We are lucky that we have never gotten seasick. I will say that after 2 days of very rough seas on the way to Bermuda, we were ready for terra firma.


    Ok..so we thought it was fun, too!!!:D Everything on all outside decks were shut down and tied down. They warned folks that walking outside could be tricky, so of course, we had to try. We had to go from pole to pole and hang on. Eventually, all pools were not only closed, but emptied. Plates in the Windjammer were falling everywhere and folks were really having troulbe balancing their food while walking to tables. We took a behind the scenes tour of the theater which is in the front of the shop. Boy walking behind the theater was very tricky. My DH was busy helping this elderly woman stay upright. She was having a horrible time with her balance. Yep...it was exciting. I did feel bad for all those that were sick, though.

  10. Robin, the picture of the pool on the crossing to Bermuda brought back fond memories of our cruise on the Empress of the Seas. We had similar weather as we went through the 1st tropical storm of the 2007 season. We rocked and rolled all the way to Bermuda! The flowers there were beautiful:




    And the seas were rough enough to close the outside decks:




    Boy was it fun!


    Judy...there were a lot of sick passengers and crew on this particular Bermuda cruise. I've never seen so many green faces w/ patches everywhere..LOL. But DH and I don't get seasick and thought the whole ordeal was rather exciting!! A little warped, I know. :rolleyes:

  11. 2VaCruzers , LOVE those photos. WOW each one is great. And how beautiful is that flower...would make a great desk top or picture to hang on your wall.:D


    Thanks!!! I love taking pictures of flowers and other nature scenes. I'm still quite the novice but am totally enjoying the hobby of photography. My family laughs at me b/c I've always got my camera in hand. The only problem...I'm never in any of the pictures!!

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