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  1. I haven't checked back yet about the tickets for the 2nd game. On the agenda for tonight. If the level one seats aren't available, will check for day of tickets.
  2. That's what I thought. Just for fun I pulled up our StubHub and US Ticketmaster - and the ones I bought for the April 6th game via Ticket for $45 AU are selling for $165 US - Holy Moly! Talk about jacking up- SH even says "ticket prices may be selling for more than face value". No kidding! I think I will wait for the March 31 tickets - and see what happens. If I can get good seats great, and if not, we'll just stick with the one game.
  3. Is there a better site than others where you have more of an opportunity to choose your seats? On Ticketek it doesn't give you any options for reserve seats - they choose them for you.
  4. Great - Tickets purchased ! I did find another game that we could attend. There aren't any reserve wing seats - allotment exhausted. March 31 - afternoon game 3:20 Area: Ponsford Stand Category: Level 2 Goal Section: N30 Row: P Seat/s: 1-2
  5. This is exactly the kind of info I need . Sadly because of our travel dates, we are a bit limited in our choices. The best seats so far for the dates we have available to attend a game April 6th - I don't know whether the rows go from A-Z closer to the field or the opposite. Z-A Area: Olympic Stand Category: Level 1 Wing Section: M52 Row: Z Seat/s: 15-16
  6. Hello all, Time to buy my tickets! It's still a quite a bit more complicated than purchasing tickets at most of our sporting venues - or it could just be that I'm used to choosing exact seats from a seating plan. I'm looking at the sections you've suggested, but I'm not sure if I want "wing" or "goal"? It seems like quite a few levels no longer have tickets available. Again, my major goal is to have reserve seats since we'll be novices in such a large crowd. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and guidance! Lee Ann
  7. Thank you Docker123 and Leigh! At this point in trip cost - I'm good with whatever we have to pay to get the best seats we can. As my aunt always said "It's only paper" LOL. Her other great piece of advice was "go and do while you are able to go and do because all to soon you won't be going anywhere except to the doctor". Yes, she was a jewel! I'm putting an alert on my phone for March 6th!
  8. DH and I will be visiting Melbourne at the end of March. I'm anxiously awaiting the day the AFL tickets go on sale! Quite a few folks on this forum have been kind enough to share their thoughts on which teams we might want to see, youtube videos to watch so we won't be totally lost, etc. Since I have to purchase our tickets on-line I've been visiting different ticket sellers. I'm must confess - I'm am totally confused . What's the difference between "Public Reserve" and "AFL Reserves"? And MCG said that general public tickets won't be on sale until March 6th. I do know that we want to purchase reserve seating Right now our plans are to see games at MCG. Should we try and see a game at Marvel too? ** we're also very excited to be in town for the International Comedy Festival!! Any information, thoughts, suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Leigh, Thank you for sharing such great info. Reserve seats are a must. When we've gone to see professional baseball, we tend to sit higher for the very reason you mentioned. The few times we've had seats right above the dugouts or box seats, you get a great view of what's right in front of you, but you miss really seeing the whole game play out. I'll start checking for ticket sales in late February. Perhaps because of the larger crowd on Friday night, I might opt for the Saturday night game. My husband is a retired First Sargent - Army Infantry and has a thing about big crowds in somewhat confined spaces He knows there will be a ton of people but is really excited about going. If there's beer involved, he'll be even better!
  10. YAY! We're staying at an airbnb on Brunswick, Fitzroy North with a tram stop right on the corner - super easy access.
  11. You've sold me on the Collingwood game. Will be fun to see a "hometown kid" play. Where are the best places to sit in reserved seating?
  12. Thanks everyone! If tickets aren't outrageous, we might just go to both of them. Or go to the March 31 daytime game and one night game. Maybe by the second game we might actually have an idea of what's going on 🤔! I have a few youtube videos in my queue to watch - rules and highlight reels. An NFL ticket average cost is around $110.00 and premium for almost $400. And that's for a regular season game. When I checked last night tickets weren't on sale yet. I do want to get reserved seats. Can't imagine attending such a well attended event and not have them. Any suggestions on which arena sections/seats would be better than others? On a totally other entertainment track - the International Comedy Festival will be in full swing. Any suggestions here? We're up for any type of venue. Large, small, cabaret, whatever. Did notice on Twitter this morning about the rally going on in St. Kilda this weekend with the police advising folks to either stay away, be present and protest peacefully, or break the law and be prepared to be arrested 😳. The key to being anywhere these days is to be super aware of your surroundings - and always have an exit plan! t Once again, thanks for taking time to answer questions and give suggestions. 80 days til boarding time!!
  13. Thanks so much! I have another question as well. We plan on going to an AFL game. From what I can tell, the AFL fans are as crazy & dedicated to their teams as we in the States are about our college football teams. Here are our choices - Which would you suggest? Sunday March 31 afternoon: Hawthorne vs Western Bulldogs April 5 night: Melbourne vs Essendon April 6 night : Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs April 7 afternoon: Hawthorne vs North Melbourne. Thanks again! Lee Ann
  14. I've read where it's recommended to arrive 3 hours before you scheduled flight out of Melbourne back to the US. On my Qantas booking, it says check in closes 1.5 hrs prior to the flight. Should we plan on the 3 hours? Thanks Lee Ann
  15. You are my hero and new best friend! Cheez Whiz - they could have made it a bit trickier if they had just tried a little harder... UGH.
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