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  1. Yeah and about as relevant as winning the popular vote
  2. Absolutely. See the maitre’d as soon as you board and let him know what you want
  3. Aren’t free cruises part of the proposals I just heard about that go with free health care, free college, free student debt forgiveness?
  4. IMO. celebriy has a lower key feel than carnival and is why I cruise X. As far as things to do, I always find something if I want. I’m sure you can find copies of the X dailes of you look for them
  5. Shhh! Don’t tell the negative nellies...they’ll surely have an excuse 😂
  6. https://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-cruise-edge-20190127-story.html?outputType=amp
  7. They’ve been doing this in Vegas for years. They have to put up a certain amount of $$ to gamble with . All those fancy hotels on the strip aren’t built because people beat the house
  8. Anyone know if obc can be used for luggage valet?
  9. Or both! to each his own, indeed!
  10. Have you checked the port boards? I’m interested in this too for 11/20
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