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  1. Could someone kindly tell us if the Club Orange is a private venue (costs?) ie., is it open to everyone or is it the "main Dining Room" for all? FC
  2. Thank you so much! Yes, I did find "crews news" with the menus that was very helpful, too. Hoping I enjoy Hal, as I have not been on this cruise line before...... FC
  3. Hoping to have answered a couple questions prior to our trip: 1. on 11 day (south east Caribbean): when are gala nights? We depart from Ft. L, then 2 sea days, islands, then 2 days prior to disembarkment, another sea day back? 2. does anyone have access to the "daily news" sheets that cruise lines usually give the nite prior? What is the name of the "news"? We would love to view them! 3. do they do "wine blending classes" or wine tasting classes? 4. is there any photo packages? if not, how much are individual pics? 5. is there a "welcome" drink when boarding? thanks so much to all that can help here, getting excited about the cruise as it comes closer! FC
  4. Does anyone happen to have copies of recent "dailies"--the news sheets or daily guides for Koningsdam to the S. Caribbean? It would be so helpful to see the list of things to do for daily planning, ie. when to schedule massages, do wine tastings/culinary class, et cetera! Thanks for any help here! C/B
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