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  1. And got it back in the mail today. So less than seven weeks. Also they've updated the site saying they're not offering Expedited Service again for extra cost...not that any of us can go anywhere! 😃
  2. I've often seen the stir fry and other themed stations at night on the smaller ships, not as often on the big ones. It does happen though!
  3. Sent my daughters old passport away on Tuesday 9/22. Kids (even renewals) are basically treated like new applications every time so we'll see how long it takes.
  4. I have no problems with everything listed in the document. Do I love it? Of course not, but to me it's not much different than how we've been living already and the idea of at least being on a cruise while wearing a mask, taking my temperature, and social distancing sounds better than doing it at home! Hopefully everyone who doesn't want to cruise with these conditions makes it easier for the ships to sail at the new limited capacity when they restart and they won't have to kick people off who want to be onboard.
  5. Add me to the group that the mask is not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. I'm at disney several times a week wearing a mask in 90+ degree weather. Wearing it on a ship will be much easier! And they play announcements at Disney telling you to keep it on unless you are eating or drinking WHILE stationary. It can work if people just follow simple rules. I would LOVE to get on a cruise again and will jump through whatever hoops they want to make it happen.
  6. Navigator and Mariner. Totally agree with your assessment as well.
  7. Actual data point... We were just there on Sunday with two ships and the island and water park didn't feel crowded at all. We actually commented that the island would feel empty with only one ship! Our group did the big slide multiple times and EVERY other slide in the water park more than once along with the wave and activity pools. Plus we walked around to the beach and giant pool. Don't stress and freak out now. It's not worth it, you'll have fun. Just be smart about it. Hit up the low capacity rides first and last.
  8. Thanks for the review. We're doing Unlimited Dining on a three day Mariner next month so I really appreciate your review. Can you confirm you were able to just show up for lunch at Chops on Embarkation Day? I assume on our three day we could do Johnny Rockets and/or Playmakers as a 'second' late night dinner after an early meal at Chops/Jamie's/Izumi?
  9. We made friends (ie tipped well the first day and other random days) with a bartender on Serenade and always asked for cans for our soda package or diamond drink time package because the taste is so much better and he happily obliged.
  10. In the past when dining with our under 12 kid who would order off the adult menu sometimes they would charge the $10 and sometimes the full price. If they only charged $10 we would leave a bigger tip. Now that she's 12 we just buy the adult package for her. It really depends on ship, restaurant, and server.
  11. I think it is if you have others in your party that DO enjoy sushi. I don't eat any seafood, but enjoy the Gyoza, salads, and some of the Izumi's that have either hot rock or other non-fish options. If no one in your party does Sushi, then it may be worth a pass for a restaurant you'd all enjoy more.
  12. ^Thanks! You can complete if you have some 'saved up', but I meant more you won't be able to spin and get anything new or if you have a task to spin a stop 7 days in a row or anything that won't be able to happen and you'll have to start over.
  13. Also a Pokemon Player here and can confirm some of what's above. - Nothing will spawn in the ocean when you are traveling unless you use incense. - No stops or gyms ON the boat. - Using wifi or data you'll be able to play in different ports. - In some ports I was able to reach a stop or gym from the boat! - If you have a sea day you will NOT get to spin a stop or gym so be prepared to miss a day on any streaks or research you have.
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