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  1. pops72106

    Baltimore check in

    Thanks for the replys, I forgot to mention that we are diamond and I didn't do our online check in until last night and were assigned 330-400 check in. We are flying in the day before and will have to be out of our hotel by 11:00.
  2. pops72106

    Baltimore check in

    What is the earliest time u can check in at the terminal ? Our paperwork shows we arrive back at 10.00 a.m Is this normal to be so late in Baltimore?
  3. pops72106

    iMessage & Carnival’s WiFi Plan

    Whats app works alot better than i message
  4. pops72106

    All Inclusive Beach Getaway

    How was the private beach house?
  5. pops72106

    Carnival Stock Question

    You can use it on every cruise that you pay for. They renew every year their policies at the meeting in July
  6. pops72106

    Behind the Fun Tour

    Anything is possible, why not just take over driving the ship, while in the bridge, that would be way cooler
  7. pops72106

    journey cruise

    We were on the triumph in feb for 11 nights from Galveston to San Juan and had a fantastic time
  8. pops72106

    dream or triumph??

    not even close...Triumph by a mile
  9. pops72106

    Quick Questions - New Carnival Dream Passenger

    Mr Sanchos is fantastic and ur 18 year old can join u with an adult beverage
  10. pops72106

    Roatan questions

    Mahogany Bay...Carnival built port
  11. pops72106

    Pre-purchase of Cheers Package

    Whenever u go to the bar, tell them and they will put the sticker on.
  12. pops72106

    Magic vs Sunshine

    Having sailed both the magic and the sunshine each twice. The sunshine would hands down be my choice, not to mention having to fly into Orlando and getting to PC and back.
  13. pops72106

    What am I forgetting to pack???

    Slacks and dresses are not required on the 1st night in the steakhouse. Pack a few cable ties in 5-7-10 inch sizes. (u can use to fix suitcase zipper handles or buttons that fall off or several other things)
  14. pops72106

    Next Carnival VIFP Platinum gift

    I'm on the freedom now, and we got the journels.
  15. pops72106

    Where's the Baileys?

    sorry for the oduls...maybe o'donnels