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  1. You are completely correct about wanting good points, the forums can be negative heavy so we get the things that are not liked but it’s ok, sometimes people can’t allow themselves to be Glass 1/2 full and after all we are British 🙂 We really do appreciate all comments and pictures and are going to book. I honestly haven’t read anything too horrendous that would spoil my hols. You are on a cruise for goodness sakes, an amazing experience that would not be ruined for us due to a member of staff who was having a rough day and forgot to smile. Or the fact I needed to wait 20 mins for a table. Thank you all for contributions
  2. Lovely photo s thanks for sharing
  3. Hello All, we have only cruised with Celebrity up till now and although we have been very happy we cannot justify the current costs so are looking to try P&O on Brittania. Reading the boards it’s really easy to get drawn into the negatives but We’re really interested in hearing about what’s good about her. Any inside tips that you’ve picked up? We are traveling with our daughter (28) and we are young 51 and 58. We fully expect different standards but these have also been dropping on X. Reading some reviews you would think passengers had been held for 2 weeks in abject poverty, we really don’t think that can be true. Over to those who know to help us get a balanced view please. It will be September 2020 14 night med in. Superior Balcony thanks
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