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  1. Now that cruise lines are starting to release their guidelines to return to cruising, I have an insurance question. One of the requirements to cruise may be to have a negative COVID test within 5 days of cruise departure. Are there any insurance plans out there that would cover your trip if you end up with COVID prior to departure? I continue to see more and more people who are completely asymptomatic and I'm worried about losing my money for my cruise and airfare. Thank you!
  2. I purchased it for my Dec 2020 and Dec 2021 cruises and it still shows up in my account.
  3. The rooms don't have security.. it's only the pool/spa deck.
  4. Fingers crossed that I'll be on the Panorama for Christmas this year. My Alaska cruised was cancelled and we re-booked for next summer.
  5. Really? I looked through 5 pages of posts and didn't see anything. Sorry for the repeat! Now I'm one of "those people" LOL
  6. I went online to my cruise planner to make a payment on my 2021 cruise. Where is says "Pay remaining balance" below it says "You don't have a balance due"... except that I do. Anyone else having this problem? Did RC shut down online payments for some reason? You'd think they would want my money right now...
  7. The cabana "patios" are open to the outside walk way, so people in the Havana area can walk by and see you on your patio... but it's only that small amount of people.. and if you're away from the pool area, you'd likely only see your direct neighbors. The aft balconies are up a floor or two, so they are private and no one would be walking by.
  8. It seems that they are just adding piers to an already-existing private island. You would still have to tender to the mainland. I'm not super familiar with the area (I've been once) but the article doesn't read like it would affect the reef.
  9. If you cancelled your cruise, then you forfeit your non-refundable deposit. If Carnival cancelled your cruise, then you are entitled to your deposit back.
  10. I asked for the cash refund on March 30. I received my pre-paid excursions and on-board items refund on May 12 and I received the cruise fare refund on May 14 - EXACTLY 45 days after asking for the refund. Seems fishy that it would be that exact but whatever - I finally got my money back.
  11. I think they more highly target "new-ish" cruisers. DH and I have only been on 1 Carnival cruise. DH gambles about $100-200 per evening. I gamble about $20-50 per evening. We have separate VIFP numbers - he gets much better rate deals than I do. I booked our next cruise for Christmas on the Panorama - we got a Havana aft balcony for less than the published rate for a regular balcony... very good deal, in my opinion! I assume the more we take Carnival cruises, the less deals we'll get, since they will start to expect us to be repeat customers... That's the way marketing works!
  12. Thanks for the LIVE review! I'm having a great time following along.
  13. He said "we can dream" - I hope that Victoria will open again for next summer!
  14. Thank you so much for your reply! You are awesome 🙂 There are 4 of us cruising - my DH and I and my parents. My mom has a bad knee and can't walk a lot. There will be times when 3 of us get out of the car to walk around and see the sites, but she will stay in the car because of her knee. I figured for less than $75/pp we're getting a local who knows the area and will offer my mom the ability to see a lot without much walking. I was thinking about the rental car route, but I would have to do all the driving (everyone else hates driving) and I just want to be a tourist this time aro
  15. It's $280 CAD cash. I'll likely just hit the ATM once we arrive... I assume it's less hassle for her so she doesn't have to exchange it herself.
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