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  1. Hi, sailing tomorrow and just got this letter, wondering what you ended up doing and how it worked out? Did you park at the convention center? Did you have to drag you luggage with you on the shuttle? 🤔
  2. I misspoke, I should have said I have a 1pm arrival time. But in my experience at LB, if you arrive at your assigned time you generally bled pretty quickly. You can find your arrival time if you look at your cruise documents on the carnival website 🙂
  3. So do we know for certain that the ship isn't boarding until 2? Where can we find that info? I've done this itinerary out of Long Beach on the smaller ships more than 30 times, and the ships never board that late so I just want to confirm and plan accordingly 🙂
  4. Really? My boarding time is 1:00PM.... does this mean we will just be checking in and then standing around the terminal until 2? Where did you learn that the boarding time was at 2? I never know where to find that kind of information....
  5. This is so awesome, thanks for the update and for sharing the video! I'm also booked on the inaugural sailing next Wednesday and I CANT WAIT!!
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