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  1. We are boarding the Ovation on Sept 11 - what do you mean by travel to and from Athens was hellish?
  2. Hi we are going to be on the Sept 11th sailing of the Ovation - our boarding time is not until 4:20pm - we have a half day tour that I think we can stretch out until 2:00pm, after that I think we will be dropped off at the pier - given that we will still have time to kill - is there anything nearby? A cafe would be great but at least a bench in the shade would be fine
  3. When did you get your boarding time? I am on the cruise following yours on the Ovation
  4. Our Sept 11-18 cruise is our first on Seabourn! Please tolerate some more newbie questions - 1) How do you know which night is dress up night? I'm guessing for a 7 night cruise there is only one 2) We have some OBC that I would like to use for shore excursions - do the shore excursions fill up quickly? It looks like I would have to book them on the ship to use the credit?
  5. Yes - thanks for your correction - I am on the September 11-18 sailing - only 61 days to go!
  6. Hi - my husband and I will be on the Aug 11-18th sailing on Ovation to Greece - I created a roll call thread but there has been very little activity. I am wondering if there is another roll call (I am on the 7 day cruise but there is also a 14 day cruise which is from Sept 11-25th) I should be on? Or maybe the cruise is way underbooked because of the virus concerns? I am trying to figure out shore excursions and I was hoping to at least find someone to share a private tour on Crete
  7. Don't know if this is helpful - I got the internet minutes and the OBC you are talking about
  8. Thanks! I don’t think there is a roll call for the cruise yet - maybe I should start one!
  9. I’m excited about the higher standard for the food! And the cabins seem pretty nice!
  10. Thanks Bob! We are doing a 7 day Greek Isle cruise in September! A luxury cruise has been in my sites for awhile but the combo of timeframe/itinerary/ability to travel had not lined up until now!
  11. I bit the bullet and booked the Greek Isles cruise on Ovation - I was happy with the price I paid. I’m feeling confident that the cruise will happen but also have contingency plans should it not. This will be our first “luxury” cruise and I am worried we won’t be able to go back to standard lines
  12. I’m looking at a Seabourn cruise and I got a few quotes from a few different TAs - it looks like the fare is the same no matter the agency? Is the only difference between agencies is the OBC or other perks?
  13. While onboard the Silhouette I purchased a photo and chose the option to download - are they going to email a link to access the picture? I took a pic of the screen that said to go to http://photos.celebrity.com but I think you have to be on their web to get to it
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