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  1. We've sailed all three and like others have said, we've found more similarities than differences. Ship is the biggest difference. We loved the NCL Getaway, weren't so fond of the Dawn and it's layout. Carnival Legend wasn't my favourite ship, and I really wasn't a fan of the food, but we're going on Magic this summer so there was more good than bad. My kids favourite was RCI, but they've loved the other ones. The only kids club either would go to was on Disney, so I can't comment on those. We try to balance cost vs ship vs itinerary. I have no desire to go on an older, smaller carnival ship but have no problem considering the newer bigger ones. Decide what's the most important features to you, and look for that rather than focusing on which line is my advice.
  2. We love the fact that on cruises that our kids can order from the adult menu. Our youngest hasn't ever ordered off the kid menu, and we've been cruising with her since she was three! We've had a few shocked faces from waiters. Our eldest fell in love with seafood at 8 and lives for lobster night. At home they have to stick to the kids menu though. They eat real food, but not enough of it to justify the price tag in 'regular' restaurants lol
  3. We aren't willing to travel to Florida for only a four night. It's just too short to justify the expense. Like others have said, they also feel more frantic with people trying to cram things in. We've done a five night for March break, and will be again next year, and I recommend them. You get more time on board and there are far better destinations. I'd look in to driving to Baltimore or Boston. The cruise fares tend to be higher, but when you subtract airfare you'd be way ahead.
  4. We've only sailed Disney and NCL, we'll be sailing Carnival this summer for Alaska, but so far we've found more similarities than differences. Each line and ship has their +/-. Like others have said, a cruise is what you make of it.
  5. I just looked and saw the 'cheaper' drink packages that everyone has been talking about. When you get your cruise price in Canadian $, I assume that also represents the exchange rate they use for everything else? Is it possible that RCI offering a better exchange rate would help with your cruise fare? Our category is sold out for August, but was wondering if it might be worth a call....:D
  6. We too had this exact same problem. I called to confirm, after double checking that the sale we'd repriced our cruise had half price deposit, and the person on the phone said not to worry about it. My husband panicked and paid the difference which was $500 for us since we're a cabin of four. I was only partially annoyed with him for not listening to me, since we'd be paying it anyway, but I get it leaving a bad taste in your mouth. This is our first cruise with RCI, we've sailed DCL and NCL before, and we've never had a problem with booking on line. We're looking at it as a glitch and fully intend to enjoy our time on Freedom this summer. A day on a cruise is better than a day at work!
  7. We went to the Baths on Virgin Gorda and even though we knew it was a full day and had a couple of hours at the Baths, if did feel rushed. I wouldn't suggest scheduling anything on any of the islands where things have to run on time. Between island time, traffic, unexpected things happening...not worth ruining the fun worrying about time.
  8. We've only been to Playa Mia and we wouldn't return. My oldest daughter liked the climb on water playground, but the sand was rocky and it was very crowded. We had no trouble finding seats, we did it on our own to save a few bucks which was good, but the food was just ok. Lots of better options out there from what we've read for this summer.
  9. I've taken as many as 30 pills a day for Crohn's and travelled with the pills in a weekly container with everything counted out. If I'm only on one or two different meds, I'll bring the bottle. Never been questioned. My biggest concern would be, like others have said, would be running out if you were ever delayed.
  10. This would be why we try to grab a seat in the back row to toss all of our stuff on-two kids, two adults. I always wish there were cubbies to put it in since we're not really sun tanners.
  11. We've been to Nassau half a dozen times on various cruises. I was excited to go the first time, having very fond memories of a couple of trips I took with my family as a teen, but I was shocked by how different it was from what I thought I had remembered. It has gone down hill, but it's not horrific. The vendors are pushy, especially right at the port, but a firm no thank you has always worked. My kids love the straw market, but my hubby and I quickly grow tired of the sale tactics. We usually get off long enough for the kids to do a bit of shopping on Bay Street and then go back on to enjoy the much emptier ship.
  12. We have not yet cruised RCI, but have taken 7 other cruises. We have always been told that all adults need photo ID when they leave the ship. No, the ship doesn't need it since they can compare you to the picture they take of you when you board the ship, but every port I have been to has had someone checking ID. Depending on the port, some have just glanced to see that we had a cruise card, but most have checked the picture on the photo ID. You could run in to some very serious problems if the names don't match.
  13. We'd originally booked under the BOGOHO but repriced with the 30% off. Saved $270, but lost our $100 on board credit. Repriced again this afternoon and got the $100 OBC back. Not a huge amount, but worth a phone call or two.
  14. I get very sea sick, we were on the Disney Dream following Hurricane Irene in2011 and it was so bad it had me reconsider ever cruising again-and we LOVE cruising. We sailed on the Getaway last August and I was fine the whole trip. Took ginger regularly just in case, but it was one of the better trips we've had in 6 cruises. We're actually going to be on her again in two weeks. August is during hurricane season and you are taking a chance going then. Have med ready just in case.
  15. We've booked a lot of trips ourselves through on line sites or directly with the resort. For our first cruise, we went with a friend from high school who was a travel agent who specialized in cruises and was a 'preferred Disney agent' and able to get us a 10% discount. There wasn't much about the experience I liked. We always had to wait to hear from her and there was a problem with payment (TA to Disney) that we only found out about when I couldn't book anything on-line. It just went on and on and was very frustrating. (To her credit, the payment problem wasn't totally her fault and she probably gets some credit for Disney upgrading our three cabins from outside to balcony as a result of the chaos). My hubby swore he'd never use a travel agent again (especially her), but the lure of the discount had me calling her again. She blew me off to one of her employees and I was done. We've done two Disney since then, and an NCL, and will be going on the Fantasy in March. For all of them we booked it ourselves directly with the cruise line and have been really pleased. It was easy to do and we were able to make any changes we wanted, when we wanted-which you can't do if you book through a travel agent. We rebooked on board during our second Disney cruise and got the 10% discount without the hassle. For us, the control mattered.
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