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  1. I truly miss it though. We really loved the old style. It's not necessarily a bad thing. We pack way less. I now wear nice shorts and flip flops to dinner in the MDR. I was truly happy to see 2 guys getting turned away with sleeveless shirts on the 1st night. When jeans started to get through it pissed me off. I happen to think a nice short with a nice shirt looks better than jeans and sneakers, but that's just me. On my first cruises I actually wore a tux twice and a Dinner Jacket once on formal night. I LOVED it. Last week, I swear to you I saw not ONE tux on our Valor cruise. So sad. Mostly everyone was dressed very nicely on Elegant nights with many suits and, of course, the women went full out. Nary a bum in the MDR. Yet my outfit of slacks and dress shirt with no tie or jacket matched every other guy. My previously every night dress has now become "elegant". Forget about formal. I, of course, realize I can still dress to the nines. I just miss the tuxes. It's really strange. In my 30's I didn't want to get dressed up and I did. And in my 50's I want to get dressed up and I don't. Pathetic. Someone bring back tuxes PLEASE. I don't want to go on a stuffy line. Our line was way fun and we still dressed up. Oh well....
  2. Op, You are good to go. Got off Valor Sunday and it's business as usual. For now anyway.
  3. OP, OOPS. Pay no attention to what I just said. Wrong thread my deepest apology.
  4. OP you are good to go. Got off Valor Sunday and it's business as usual. For now anyway.
  5. All true. Last week on the Valor it was rap, dance music, Madonna and MJ thrown in and the Slide, Shuffle etc. Pathetic and l miss the steel drums atmosphere. Shame on Carnival.
  6. "The Belize drug thing" was one of the rumors of why Customs delayed the debark. It obviously was not true since the previous ship didn't even stop there.
  7. All very different and IMHO no way verifiable. These came from one officer, our room steward, and 2 guests. 1 - The Belize drug thing 2 - Usually there are 10 Customs agents but today there were only 3 3 - Customs does this thing every so often as to change their modus operandi 4 - My favorite which was the fuel was late arriving at the pier and Customs has to be there to inspect the refueling process. As with any disruption from the norm you will get wildly different descriptions of any individual's experience. We were lucky because we arrived at 1130 and got into the terminal before Carnival cut off terminal access. Inside was crowded but AC'd and we waited for 2 1/2 hours to board. Although it sucked having to wait that long time at least we didn't have to wait OUTSIDE in 90 degrees and high humidity standing. At least we all could sit. If you weren't checked in you sat on the floor. An hour after we boarded and ate lunch and had a beer or 2 there was still a long line outside waiting to get sweating their behinds off if you didn't take up the offer to go to Bayside. At 130 there were still pax debarking. The stories of 1 hour waits for custom clearance makes me cringe. This morning we self assisted at 745 and had a 2 minute wait at customs which had at least 7-8 lines. I guess every story is different. I heard people bitching big time about us getting on so late and their selfish souls not giving a hoot about the other 2000 waiting outside. Whatta ya gonna do.
  8. Me too. I copied what he posted. Last week he posted that the Prime Time games will be on the Big Screen on Lido. We shall see.
  9. Here are the NFL games for this coming cruise to be shown across the fleet with the exception of the Carnival Breeze. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 8.20pm BEARS vs. PACKERS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 8.15pm LIONS vs. 49ers SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 1pm RAVENS vs. EAGLES 4.25pm JETS vs. STEELERS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 8.30pm BRONCOS vs. FALCONS
  10. I had a feeling my post would go the way it has. All the little "no big deals" somehow seem to add up. The laundry on our 12 day was invaluable because we were in the midst of an extended vacation. The dedicated line at the Purser (or whatever it's called now) saved us BIG time once (30 minutes) and small time on another occasion. I won't go on and on, but to say the little things do certainly add up. We are the silent majority.
  11. Yes, they don't seem earth shattering on paper. I'm sure other lines have different perks that some feel are better. I've seen all the posts about "we should get this" or "we should get that". Points well taken. Our experience with VIP is that all the little things add up to make our cruise a lot nicer. No one puts a gun to your head to sail on a particular cruise line. It's all about the little things, at least to us.
  12. Oh, how I wish there were 10 Spirit Class ships in the fleet. It's been documented so many times on CC over the years how popular these 4 ships are. Oh well.
  13. It's the first I read about it too. Thanks for posting. And this "crazy cat lover" continues to post on a thread that we are not supposed to read and she repeatedly tells us to read the past threads about this subject. Why is she reading threads about subjects she already knows about from past threads? I think I will read one of these past threads and warn the posters not to read future threads about the same subject because a certain poster from a past thread will come on to a new thread post messages explaining that this subject was posted on a past thread.
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