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  1. Vancouver! Done both ways but saw the most whales when we did Seward to Vancouver! I spent a lot of time on deck at the back of the boat looking for them though! If you get into Vancouver a day or so early, you can also go out whale watching with some great companies there!
  2. I had same issue when trying to do it on my phone, seemed to work in the app though.
  3. Does anyone know if the jewel is tendering at icy strait point on every cruise that stops there?
  4. Hi all, wow, lots of dramatic posts here. I understand the risk of booking a flight the day of a cruise. I also know the distance between anchorage and Seward. We actually had booked the flights and then the cruise and so when I booked the cruise I gave them my flight info and they said we would be able to get a transfer. When I got my edocs it said the thing about the 12-1 departures. I called my PCC and he sent me this info which is different than the edocs info. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who had the practical experience of it. Anchorage, AK (ANC) - Groun
  5. I got my edocs and for my transfer (booked through NCL) it says the first transfer leaves at 12pm and last leaves at 1pm - our flight doesn't get in till 1:30 pm and the ship doesn't leave till 9 pm. Has anyone been able to get a transfer after 1 pm going from Anchorage to Seward?
  6. Is it private? Looking to have a guide to drive us but be able to spend whatever time we want wherever.
  7. Any recommendations for a group of 8? Trying to keep it around $100 pp.
  8. I'm on August 5th too. Did it last year on the Bliss and it was my fave!!
  9. Just in case, make sure you have the confirmation email that says you paid.
  10. I'd say just an angle, looks like a sea lion flipper to me. Killer whales usually aren't by themselves and humpbacks are known to defend so he would have stayed surfaced longer to fight.
  11. Does the Jewel offer the Tracy Arm Fjord Glacier Explorer excursion, on the southbound trip?
  12. Curious what kind of camera and lens you used - great pictures!!
  13. (Not sure if you were joking about the danger but just in case) Aww. Don't feel so bad. That is a humpback whale and they don't have teeth. Just baleen. The sea lion eats the same type of small fish the whale does. They like to hang around the whales so they dont have to work as hard.
  14. I just used two of mine for an ocean view sailaway room for a cruise in August - my friend and I were going to do an inside but the use of them with the cruise 6 weeks away even allowed us to go to an oceanview (which I immediately bid on a balcony and minisuite upgrade). I was shocked when the PCC said I could use not just one, but both.
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