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  1. Well why did you say that the first Europe cruise will be Mar 2022?
  2. Looking on the Princess website, I cannot see there is a cruise on Sky in March 22 form Southampton, am I missing something?
  3. I have this week bought 2 masks with sequins, ready for my next cruise.
  4. We are disappointed with the cancelation of our August 2021 Vision cruise. We had moved from a B2B on Rhapsody to Vision because they had changed the home port from Venice to Ravenna. We then booked a JS for the 1st time, and would have received double points, under the latest promotion which would have taken us to almost D+ Had we not moved from Rhapsody we would still have a booking, but we particularly wanted to return to Venice, so we are waiting eagerly for the 2022 itineraries to come out . We have decided not to re- book anything for 2021.
  5. Well if that is the case I will be really disappointed in RCI. I know it is now irrelevant now due to this years pandemic, but we originally booked to go on Indy this year until Royal decided not to send her to Southampton and leave her in the US. There was no other ship sent, presumably because there wasn't one. If it happens again then it may be the end for us. We are hoping that by next year cruising will have resumed, but who knows. We have been loyal to Royal so far, but it might be the last straw.
  6. There no sailings showing for September 2021 at all, which is strange. We are meant to be sailing on Vision from Barcelona on a 12 night cruise. The release only mentions Adventure doing 4 and 5 night trips, I am hoping that they are still finalising the September itinerary to include what should be our cruise.
  7. Well that surely is only for the OP to know, she said she had questions before making the decision.
  8. Was it not because they were on a Holland America vessel?
  9. I just thought they meant unlucky 13.
  10. We were booked to go on Rhapsody on a B2B 4th and 11 September 2021, because we wanted to spend time in Venice. We have been twice before on Brilliance and Vsion and over- nighted there.The change from Venice to Ravenna, defeated the object for us, as we wouldn't get to see Venice and we didn't fancy the long shuttle journey from the airport. We have moved our booking to Vision from Barcelona on 30 August, repeating the cruise we did in 2018 ,we are hoping that the don't decide to omit Venice.We were disappointed as we are taking our daughter on her first cruise and she was looking forward to the itineraries of both weeks. We too have thought that the water taxis and Vaparettos are what cause the most wake.
  11. I rang Princess this afternoon to get the package added to our September Canaries cruise. It was very easy once it had been confirmed that our cruise was on the list. I was pleased that it would be added to the balance rather than pay for it today, and we were able to keep the OBC ,free bottle of wine and speciality restaurant that were the promotions when we booked, and we booked with a low deposit and didn't have to pay any more.
  12. What a shame Kiwichick 62, I thought we in the UK were at a disadvantage compared to the US but, to be penalised in NZ and Aus, is so unfair. I hope that when I try to book the add-on's for our 2020 cruise that I haven't been given the wrong information.
  13. Has the sale started for you in Aus? It starts for us here in UK on the 20th and it is possible for us to have the extras added on. We have a cruise booked for next September and to be sure that it is possible I rang Princess and was told that yes, we could add the extras on to an existing booking. Did you receive an e-mail about the sale from Princess?Just wondering if your TA has the full details, perhaps try ringing Princess.
  14. We flew from Rome in September, our flight was a similar time, but to Europe. We arranged a private transfer with Bob's Limos for 9am, but we could have made it earlier, we were off the ship and waiting for the car, we didn't do self assist, it isn't necessary.
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