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  1. They said my son’s name needed to be on the custodial account, but sounds like it should work!
  2. Last I had heard the shareholder benefit didn’t stack with C&A benefits, so this is really exciting. My husband and I share our brokerage account, so assume we could only receive the benefit once (regardless of # of shares). However, we have a separate custodial account for our son (under 18). Anyone know if he could also receive the Shareholder benefit? Sometimes he’s in a separate room with my mom, if that matters...
  3. I called back and got someone who understood. Saved a significant amount with the the additional discount applied. i will definitely try DP340 next time!
  4. Thanks. It’s the end of October, so definitely not a holiday. I booked it through #9 on C&A but I don’t think the guy understood what I was saying, so will try again through there.
  5. I have over 340 cruise points, so should have the following member benefit: Single supplement cruise fare reduced to 150% from 200% for members that have 340 or more cruise points However, I just booked a cruise via RCI phone reservation, and they charged me the single supplement was 200%. I was clearly not getting through to the person that the single supplement should be reduced to 150%, so I called back to ask someone else. That person told me the single supplement was not available on that cruise (Oasis at the end of Oct). I was not aware that the single supplement benefit was only available for certain cruises. Does anyone have any other info on this? Have others struggled to receive this benefit from Royal?
  6. When I spoke with them a couple weeks ago, I had a cruise payment quickly coming due, and FCC not yet received, as promised. I asked about applying multiple FCCs as some of the new cruises are more expensive than the ones cancelled. They said I might be able to get an exception, but didn't sound promising.
  7. Thank for the advice. I’m going to go check the cruises we have booked after our pinnacle cruise to figure out where we have the least amount of perks already.
  8. Oh that’s good to know! I was wondering if I should save it for a more expensive holiday cruise, but sounds like it doesn’t matter if it’s a credit. Any idea if my son will receive cruise points if we are fully paying his portion of the cruise fare?
  9. Thank you for the quick responses! @Host Clarea Great news that they can be applied to an existing cruise. @itsmeagain Sorry to hear that you missed out on yours - I’ll be sure not to wait to hear from RCI!
  10. We will hit Pinnacle in a little over a year. However, we are getting ready to book our 2021 and spring 2022 cruises as they finish opening up this week. Is there a time limit/expiration on when we must take the free pinnacle cruise? I’m a bit concerned that we will book all our vacations through spring 2022, and not have an open week to use the free cruise. I’m hoping if there is a time limit that it’s just to book, but hoping some helpful pinnacles can provide some clarification?
  11. We typically used the hallway on the other side since our room was slightly closer to that side. And didn’t realize there there was an incident on the first day! 😳🤢
  12. We were in 8086 in the aft. Maybe being in the very back made a difference 🤷‍♀️ Glad you didn’t have to deal with the bugs though!
  13. Not sure on the bugs. It was especially bad on the last night when we were on the Chesapeake once it was dark with our cabin lights on and curtains open. Maybe the Chesapeake is just buggy this year...not sure. Our room was right below the spa, so we didn’t hear anything from up there.
  14. Unfortunately, they book in different directions, so hard to tell. On our last cruise, port side faced the dock.
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