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  1. We got free wi fi and free drinks when our 14 day South America cruise became a 30 day cruise due ro COVID 19.
  2. My opinion for what its worth, wait and see. South America is dresdful at the moment with regard to the number of cases, the USA isnt great either. Its 6 months away! We were also on the Eclipse that wasnt allowed to dock in San Antonio, but Celebrity treated us very well!
  3. This is an absolutely dreadful virus and my thoughts are with everyone who had lost a loved one from this disease.My uncle has been in hospital for over a month with this virus and caught it at home in his local community, his oxygen saturation is awful at the moment. My opinion for what it's worth. There were no test kits onboard so the medical staff could not confirm if COVID 19 was onboard. Respiratory illnesses are common on cruise ships, how many people go on a cruise and get a "cruise cough"?? How could the medical staff know?? In the UK lots of people are getting tested with possible symptoms and they are negative for COVID, everyone who has a cough doesn't have COVID. I was on this cruise and my opinion is that the virus came onboard in Ecuador when we picked up medical supplies and a passenger had to be taken off for emergency medical treatment for heart failure. My thoughts are with everyone who has lost loved ones, whose loved ones are critically ill in hospital and those recovering. I pray that our scientists find a vaccine for this virus asap.
  4. Having spent 18 days on a cruise ship with no stops due to the COVID 19 virus I would say no. You can take temperatures on Day 1 and someone develops the virus on Day 3. The other scary thing is that cruise ships dont have the medical faciilities of a hospital.
  5. We had no idea that anyone had tested positive to COVID 19 until the 31st March by which tine everyone had caught their flights home except the 175 who could not get off in the US. We flew home on a chartered flight as did many others. The majority of the crew were wearing masks. We did hear people coughing on the ship but had no reason to suspect that it was the corona virus becuse we had been at sea for so long.
  6. Oui Onboard why should Va Man stand down when they are only telling the truth. I for one hsd no idea that there were any cases on board until we got the notification from Celebrity. I dont understand why this bashing of cruise companies is happening
  7. I think a lot of people forget that when we boarded the Eclipse on the 1st March it was a very different place to the one we returned to on the 30th March. By the 30th March the virus was already well established in our communities including the USA. Yes we did come into contact with cabin crew and I wore my mask all the way home. Airports were deserted we hardly saw another human being apart from passangers from the ship. Shops closed, flights cancelled, airports empty. The Diamond Princess had already shown that holding oassangers on the shiomin quarantine really doesnt work. I and many otgers are glad to be home there is evidence to show that reducing stress improves the outcome if someone who is infected. Being at homeb is a lot less stressful!!!
  8. This virus is in all our towns, my aunt and uncle both have the virus and are in hospital they very likely caught it going to their supermarket for food. They have not been on a cruuse ship.
  9. I think Celebrity handled the developments on the Eclipse very well. What did you expect them to do, we had already been on board for 30 days. There was no evidence of the virus on board. Celebrity could have quarantined us all on board like the Diamond Princess but cruise ships dont have the facilities to deal with a viruus such as this. Where does the UK is busy building hosputal wards at a frantic rate, the virus is already widedpread in all our communities.
  10. I was a passanger on this cruise and to be honest think that it is only fair to comment if you were there and experienced the day to day developments as we did. We probably were clear of the virus when San Antonio did not allow us to dock. The virus may have been bought on board when we took on provisions in Valparasio. Ive seen so much criticism about no kits on board for COVID 19. This is not a simple dipstick test, it is far more complicated than that and requires people trained in PCR to carry out the test accurately. Ship staff are very unlikely to have the necessary skills to carry out this test accurately.
  11. We have recently returned from the epic 30 day Eclipse cruise. Alejandro has got to be top of my list. He worked tirelessly to keep everyone entertained. Going round in rectangles off the coast of Chile was no fun but Alejandro made us laugh and worked hard to put on a full entertainment program
  12. We are from the UK and received our flight plans in the early hours. A chartered flight from LA to London Heathrow. The mood on board is good with a party planned for tonight. We will have been on board for 30 days by the time we leave. I have so much praise for Celebrity and particularly the crew of the Eclipse. I would not hesitate to sail on a celebrity ship again.
  13. We are the last Celebrity ship at sea with passengers on board. Some passengers now getting details of their flights home. Shows continue to be great with the Rave Ons being a real highlight of this cruise. They have done so many great shows and continue to do so as we make our way to San Diago.
  14. I'm on Eclipse now the seas are like glass. We sailed over the equator this morning during Captain Leo's morning update. Someone was med evaced off the Eclipse last night in Manta. We are guessing that plans for flights out of San Diago have already been made hence dont want to stop in Mexico 1st
  15. Eclipse heading towards the equator. We will have a 2 hr technical stop in Ecuador tomorrow night. Good spirit onboard passengers happy that we are making steady progress to San Diago.
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