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  1. Good info on the candy, coffee, water discussion. We’ve had good luck with asking for diet sodas on several trips but no luck with candy on any. We’ll try notes next cruise. One cruise they only had our favorite candy on day one of 14 and said they had run out on day two but it never hurts to ask nicely. We’ve also had great laundry service. These trips are rare treats so it’s worth it to me not to spend my time doing more than rinsing out my undies. Looking forward to our October cruise and hoping the water levels permit. Happy sailing to everyone.
  2. Oh my, oh my we feel so bad for all the folks and companies impacted by this. Can’t imagine the ripple effects on locals, cruisers, and transport. We sail on the Idi in October and we’re hoping she has a new captain by then. No confidence in this one.
  3. Just a note adding our interest in a thread for the Main River. Our next trip is Bamberg to Trier and we love and try to follow this area. Thanks for all the current updates on the rivers and happenings. With changing weather patterns and more boat traffic it’s hard to stay current from afar. Our wishes for safe travel for all.
  4. We love Viking and have another upcoming cruise booked with them but it raises flags for me that they continue to have problems. Too many ships so are they now resorting to hiring less experienced crews? I never used to consider this. Our thoughts and good wishes go to the passengers and everyone affected by this accident including all the other shipping in this area.
  5. Nice article with a few gems for travelers especially the note that many places in town do not accept credit cards. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Such great info and help. We’re looking at Amsterdam to Basel mid November 2019 with Viking but wondering what water issues we need to be looking out for. Are many riverboats sailing that time of year? Thanks for any thoughts.
  7. Thanks for the info. Can anyone give info on the true itinerary order and time in port? We’d also be interested in the dining experience. Thanks.
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