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  1. Yes Les, we will also try Ruby when she arrives, as we did like Emerald (Diamond, Sapphire etc_...) :) and the food was great on those too... cheers S&D
  2. Hi Les, no..not that we saw, lots of nice shirts and pants though....but we did see a lot of jackets and ties too...I ended up going to 2 maitre'd people to get a table for formal night, the first one we were in the pizza place as we couldn't get a time other than 5.15.... or 8....sad...:o oh well...looking fwd to the next cruise now.... cheers S&D
  3. yes...staff were very good everywhere. but the dining was disappointing for us this time....cheers :)
  4. Not exactly a theme night, but there was an on deck latin party with the band, no island night or country n western, or black n white night etc, like we used to have back in the day on some of the earlier cruises! cheers S&D
  5. We had priority boarding, with a time of 4pm....we just turned up and were onboard by 11.30...hope that helps!...
  6. Good on you Mr Gut, hope the Jewel is fantastic!...may catch you for a coffee when we in Newcastle again in Jan 2020... on cruise.. lol.....cheers S&D:)
  7. Yes Mr Gut,,Diamond and Solstice still our faves!!!.... cheers S&D
  8. Thanks....yes thats the second time in 21 cruises that I met the noro.....lol...;);)
  9. Yes, the shops are definately high end, and I'm glad to hear you had luck with the dining, we tried several times with no luck.... we even rang on 3 occasions at 8 in the morning to make a booking...and they said only5.15 pm or 8 pm.... and yes, a lovely crew and Captain... we loved the noodle bar as well... just a bit crowded for us on the Majestic... cheers S&D
  10. Here we are back from the Majestic Princess, just got home, so will pass on our thoughts on this new ship.... very nice..but not for us.... Cheznandy have covered this ship in great detail in their wonderful blog, so these comments are just our 2 cents worth! We have done 15 Princess cruises....they are all lovely ships, this is no exception, very beautifully fitted out indeed..we did have a great time travelling with family, we all enjoyed ourselves.. She is way different to any of the other ships we have been on...our faves are Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald. these ships have lots of room for everyone and lots of spaces to sit and lounge without too many crowds.... The Majestic has one large Piazza area which unfortunately was packed with people from about 8am to 11pm...very hard to get seats there at anytime.... they have music there, art shows, painting classes, line dancing etc, as there is very little other space to hold these events... Crooners was good, and the Crown Grill bar was good, always crowded, and no dance floors in either of these venues. We found the ship hugely crowded, with limited seating in most places, which is a shame as she is a lovely ship, just not laid out too well for the Aussie market... no chance getting a seat in the shows unless you went about an hour or more early to nab some seats.:mad: The staff were great, cabins were lovely, and embarkation very quick. Movies under the stars was great, you could get a seat up there! Unfortunately I got very sick onboard....Medical staff were great when I got the dreaded noro virus on day 7, they were quick to send meds, and I recovered quickly..first class service there! Sadly...The anytime dining did not work for us at all....we tried 4 nights to get a time... but were only offered 5.15 or after 8pm...so we gave up after that and went to the Alfredos pizza...very good fortunately... we went to the steakhouse one night...not as good as on the other ships, and the noise did drift in from the bar next door....the food was a little under par of any of the other ships we have been on, I'm sure they will fine tune this as time goes on... We had a great time, and we are glad we sailed on her, but we will stick to the other Princess ships, and of course..the fabulous Celebrity Solstice.... Happy cruising to you all... S&D:):)
  11. thanks a lot Les..will do our best....lol...bring on the raspberry fizz.....cheers S&D:cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:
  12. Over and out from us, big thanks to Cheznandy for helping us all with their great review......we are just finishing packing now and leaving early tomorrow for the Sydney hotel....will meet up with some of you at the meet n greet on Sunday!...I have no internet on my phone so will catch up with any late posts on here on a ships computer , once aboard...thanks to everyone for making this a happy place to be over the past weeks....cheers S&D:):)
  13. BIG THANKYOU CHEZNANDY for the patter and duty free list, and all your hard work putting together such a great blog..much appreciated...cheers S&D
  14. That sounds like a lovely getaway Les..we love the Shangri la...oh...and the club lounge is heavenly... enjoy the musical and the hotel .. hope you find just the right cabin for the Ruby....cheers S&D:):)
  15. Hi Cheznandy... thanks again for all the wonderful info on here,,,is there any chance you could post a pic of a page of the daily patter, showing the avo/evening schedule.....thanks so much....cheers S&D :)
  16. Beautiful review Cheznandy, so glad you have had a lovely time...and welcome back to Oz!..have a great day in Darwin.... cheers S&D:):)
  17. Does anyone know if there is a bridge tour available on Majestic, as my brother and his partner would be very interested in that...thanks... S&D:)
  18. Such a lovely review Cheznandy.... so helpful to us all....will absolutely go and check out the Crown Grill area...that sea view looks amazing today ..cheers S&D
  19. Thanks for that Cheznandy.....Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about that poor man, how sad for the family....I hope there may be a chance he's ok.... thanks so much for the tips about crown grill, we will give that a miss this time....maybe the plate of veggies is a cost cutting excercise....we always loved the baked potatoes and other sides. we will probably give the shows a miss as well.. trying to squeeze in with those crowds does not seem like somewhere I would be happy...lol........ as long as there is somewhere to dance we are quite happy in the evenings... really enjoying your posts, they are hugely helpful...cheers S&D :)
  20. Oh yes Mic, we love the guacamole...... not into prawns/seafood... or that raw steak stuff...tartare??:eek: lol cheers S&D
  21. Thanks again Cheznandy, and for the heads up regarding the Vista Lounge drink prices..cheers S&D:)
  22. LOL..Mic we lived at the Bay for 3 lovely years before moving up nearer to the kids and grandkids in Yass...Batemans is a beautiful spot, we still visit there quite often.... and we had the great pleasure to meet Les while we were there..... so yes, I will be reporting on the Majestic to the best of my ability...lol...;p;p
  23. Hi guys...we will report back to you also, I'm sure it will be up to standards..lol.... cheers S&D:):)
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