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  1. So I have a situation where early today I did a mock booking for our cruise and it went down $145 per cabin. I did a screen shot so I have the proof, but my Carnival rep is saying that it was a typo error so they can't honor it. My comment was most places honor typos such as this so they are checking further. Thoughts? Am I wrong to expect them to honor the price I have a printout for?
  2. We will be sailing on a 5 night with days 3 & 4 as our island stops. Which night would be the "formal" night?
  3. I keep receiving special offers through email with special "rate codes". Is there a way to search online using these rate codes along with my VIP# or do you have to call? I don't want to call since I don't have a set date for my cruise, but would like to browse the savings with the rate codes for various dates at my leisure. Thank you.
  4. I was just looking at directions for us to get to the port of Miami and it lists a Terminal D & a Terminal E. They have different address. How do you know which one you go to?
  5. This may be common knowledge, but for newbie's it might be helpful. If you're unsure about purchasing the drink package because you're not sure you would "drink that much" here is an option that I'm using for my cruise next week. I've been buying cruise cash, not the bar or photo, but the cruise cash. We'll be boarding the ship knowing we already have "drink money" and we won't lose it because we can use it anywhere or cash it out in the casino.
  6. all of my SIL's did this for my MIL a couple of years ago for a girls only cruise. We found a picture of the ship and printed it out and then wrapped it in a box. Then everyone gave her little "cruise" gifts. A hat, beachbag, etc. We made her open those first so she was really confused as those aren't normal gifts we would give her. Then after everyone had opened all of their presents we said "oh you have one more". That's when she opened the ship box and everything made sense.
  7. If you have put cruise cash on your S & S, can it be used at the casino instead of using actual cash?
  8. I love large jewelry so I recently bought a 3 ring binder and several pencil pouches (with different size compartments). The pouches were made to go in the 3 ring binder. My larger pieces fit great in the large compartments and you could easily wrap them in tissue for further protection. So when it's all done you have a jewelry book that you can flip through with everything nice and protected. It's flat enough that it doesn't take up much room in a suitcase either.
  9. I'm sure this has been gone through before, but asking again is easier than searching :) I'm lookin to put money down on our S&S before we leave so we'll have a credit on board to spend on whatever we want (gratuities, shopping, beverages, etc.). Would I be buying the Cruise Cash card? I thought I read that it's a use or lose it program at the end of the cruise. Can this be used in the casino instead of putting actual money in take it out of your S&S? Any ups or downs I need to know about the Cruise Cash?
  10. I have just discovered "the big skinny" purse/wallet collection. I was shocked at how much I was able to carry, yet it looked so small and compact. I love it and it holds literally everything I need. https://www.bigskinny.net/wallets-for-women.html
  11. Can someone please tell me what Bar Cash is and how it works. Also where do you buy it at. We are not heavy drinkers, maybe 3-4 pp each day so the Cheers we don't feel is worth it for us, but Bar Cash has my interest peaked. Thank you!
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