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  1. For us it isn’t always ‘cheapest ‘. It’s value. We can certainly sail celebrity for less per diem but we prefer the crystal product.
  2. We really feel that a Caribbean cruise on crystal is our best bargain...we are on the ship enjoying everything it has to offer. While sailing elsewhere we are not on the ship nearly as much. Entertainment and enrichment options make for a very enjoyable vacation. hope to see you some day.
  3. Just an FYI..We have sailed azamare once in 2014...if im rating...its one step above celebrity and below oceania for us. just saying
  4. 14 nights for 2000$ seems very reasonable...but im guessing no perks are included at that price. I wouldn’t know if quality declined as it was our first sailing with them. We did enjoy it. We traveled with friends and we made some new friends so cannot comment on entertainment in the evenings...we never went to any shows. luxury-light is a good description. We felt the food was a huge improvement over celebrity and we liked the smaller size of the ship compared to celebrity. Perhaps the product WAS better previously but I had nothing to compare to other than celebrity or crystal.
  5. Congratulations to you first timers. We too are elite with celebrity and tried our first crystal cruise 2 years ago. While we would still sail celebrity...first choice is crystal. This year we sailed oceania as crystal is very limited with only 2 ocean vessels. We enjoyed our cruise on O and met very nice people...but it was no where near our experience on crystal. First choice still crystal. we just booked our third sailing on crystal. This time on symphony. Both prior sailings on serenity. Im so excited...i could pass for a first timer. have a wonderful cruise eileen
  6. Please add Symphony 2019 November 8 (OCS191108-09) Yucatan Channel Palette- Riandei (Rich / Eileen ) thank you
  7. Thank you. I had no idea. This would have been great info when we sailed to NYC and took a car service home. 🙂
  8. Am i reading this correctly?? I am able to purchase liquor to take home while on board??
  9. Have you tried a day use hotel?? it was great for us google hotel day use
  10. Yes...whilw we were having lunch on embarkation there was an alarm called for man overboard. This was in addition to the medical emergencies
  11. We were able to board approximately 2 hours late we were having lunch when we heard a MAN OVERBOARD at 2:30-3:00 pm. we were told via letter in our cabin that a crew member had died unexpectedly we did depart on time. When we left there was a tent set up where the body was covered by a tarp. CSI was still actively working the scene.
  12. Someone has jumped off the ship and apparently died. Very sad CSI is here.
  13. On the 13th there are 18081 according to a website i viewed...on the 12th when we dock 26700 ....I’m thinking cabs will be sparse and it may be a long day.
  14. Very. Safe travels. Happy holidays. I look forward to all your wonderful photos and posts eileen
  15. Thanks 😢 for no duty free...my supply of grey goose is depleted and we usually stock up. I know crystal had no duty free but I wasn’t sure on O. perhaps we can look in one of our port stops
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